When it comes to modern wedding invitations, you may become familiar with the phrase ‘flip it’ which refers to turning over an invitation card so you can view the other side which isn’t always blank.

Double sided wedding invitations are now becoming a modern trend.  What’s printed on the other side depends on the design.  Here are four creative examples of how the second side of an invitation can be used.

The back side can match the design that appears on the front as shown on this charming rustic Inspiring Lace Invitation.  Along with the design, the couple’s names and/or their wedding date may also be printed.

Double Sided Wedding Invitations Inspiring Lace

Inspiring Lace Invitation

Sharing a photo is another clever use of the 2-sided wedding invitation layout.  On this chic design, Shiny Love, the photo is accented with a romantic saying along with their names and wedding date.

Photo Wedding Invitations Shiny Love

Shiny Love Invitation

Seal n send wedding invitations offer a unique version of a two sided design.  Since this style has the response card attached and folds up into its own mailing piece, the reverse side is printed with two return mailing addresses…one for the invitation itself and another for the return mailing of the response card.  This Love Never Ends Invitation also includes a design printed on the back to match the design on the inside.

Seal and Send Wedding Invitations Love Never Ends

Love Never Ends Invitation

One of the most unique ways to use the other side of an invitation is for the reception and/or accommodations information as on this modern Vogue Velvet Invitation.  This will eliminate the need for inserting separate cards showing those details.

Modern Wedding Invitations Vogue Velvet

Vogue Velvet Invitation

Now that you have become familiar with some of the creative designs of  modern, double-sided wedding invitations, feel free to browse all of our available modern wedding invitations.

Laser cut wedding invitations, with their intricate detail, are the perfect example of true elegance.  When combined with other design elements, laser-cut designs can complement a wide range of wedding themes.

Here are just a few samples of the many different ways to feature a laser cut design on wedding invitations.

Adding a laser cut wrap is an ideal way to add beauty and reveal your wording to guests as shown in this romantic design – Sumptuous Rose Invitation.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Sumptuous Rose

Sumptuous Rose Invitation

A floral design is another stylish way to use laser cutting on wedding invites.  On this particular design, Floral Swag, the laser cuts are blended in among the flowers and vines creating a gorgeous pattern that surrounds the printed verse.

Lasercut Wedding Invitations Floral Swag

Floral Swag Invitation

Ornate and decorative perfectly describe this Through the Shimmer Invitation with its laser-cut pocket design that matches the printed corner designs on the invitation card and its ensemble pieces.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Through the Shimmer

Through the Shimmer Invitation

On this Linen Love Invitation, the detailed laser cut frame design brings the entire border to life uniquely showcasing the wording in the center of it all.

Lasercut Wedding Invitations Linen Love

Linen Love Invitation

Between the select invitation samples highlighted here and the video below that explains this unique process, you are now more familiar with this creative design choice.   Feel free to browse all of our many available laser cut wedding invitations.

Watercolor wedding invitations are a refreshing, elegant trend featuring soft washes of color.  Often times it may appear as though the color was brushed onto the paper.  They are also a versatile design choice that can fit a variety of wedding themes.

When it comes to invitations, watercolors can be used in several different ways to add beauty to the design.  Several colors can even be mixed together creating the background as shown in this warm, romantic design – Blushing Watercolor Invitation.

Blushing Watercolor Invitations

Blushing Watercolor Invitation

Florals are another stylish way to use watercolors on a wedding invitation.  On this particular design, Fresh Flowers, not only are an assortment of colors included but also various shades within the same color palette which creates the look of a watercolor print.

Watercolor Wedding Invitations | Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers Invitation

Artistic style can also be created with the use of watercolors.  This Watercolor Swish Invitation uses the color to cleverly highlight the ‘&’ symbol on the invitation itself and the heading words on the matching ensemble pieces.  This particular design lets you choose your shade of watercolor to match your wedding.

Watercolor Swish Invitation

Watercolor Swish Invitation

One of the most unique ways to use the watercolor trend is to have it highlight a special area of the invitation design.  On this Leafy Lace Invitation, the watercolor seems to bring to life the laser cut tree as the focal point of the design.

Leafy Lace Watercolor Invitation

Leafy Lace Invitation

I hope you have found inspirational ideas for featuring some beautiful watercolors on your invites.  Feel free to browse all of our available watercolor wedding invitations.

The look of burlap has become quite popular due to the recent trend of country, rustic, vintage and even barn wedding themes.  Whether it’s just the look of a burlap texture or it’s the real thing, there are many ways to accent your wedding with burlap.

Wedding invitations can be just the beginning.  In fact, it could even start with save the dates having the appearance of burlap or being inserted into an actual burlap pouch.  Lace can also add a touch of romance when combined with burlap.

As shown below, the theme can continue to wedding accessories, favor bags, a banner for the littlest ones in your wedding party to carry down the aisle, wine bags used as table numbers, etc.

Burlap Wedding Theme

Not to be forgotten are your thank you notes.  Their design can also match your wedding theme and share a photo with guests from your special day.

Burlap Lace Photo Thank You Note

Burlap Lace Photo Thank You Note

If you are planning a wedding theme that may feature burlap accents, you can find many more ideas on our Pinterest board – http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/burlap-wedding-theme/.   Feel free to also browse all of our available burlap wedding invitations & accessories.

When a couple decides to get married, there’s usually no question that they will eventually be sending out wedding invitations.  But what about save the dates?

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions that should help if you are considering whether or not to send save the dates to your wedding guests.

Social Typography Photo Save the Dates

Social Typography Save the Date

What exactly are save the date cards?  They are cards that are sent out before your formal invitations to announce your upcoming wedding date.  The design you choose may be printed on one or two sides, may match your wedding invitation design, may include a photo of you and your fiance, or may come in a fun design or unique shape.  They may even be magnets that guests can hang on their refrigerator as a reminder.

Why send them?  Save the Dates are sent to guests to make them aware of your wedding months ahead of time so they will keep that date open on their calendar if they wish to attend.  Since wedding invitations are usually sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding, save the date cards are typically sent out 4-6 months in advance of the wedding.  This gives family and friends plenty of time to plan their schedules around your date.   With today’s busy lives, guests may also be planning vacations or other special events many months in advance.

Having to travel to your wedding, whether it’s a destination or just out-of-town location, is another reason to send them.  Time to make travel arrangements or even to save up money for the travel expenses will be greatly appeciated by guests.

Do you have to send them?  This is your choice entirely since it’s YOUR wedding. Guests will no doubt be grateful for them if your wedding date is close to a holiday or during a time when vacations are common.

Who should receive them?  Whether guests are out of town or local, they will all surely welcome receiving the advanced wedding announcement.  It’s important to keep in mind that everyone who receives your save the date MUST also receive your formal wedding invitation.  If a your photo is included, the save the date also makes a great keepsake for family and friends.

When do I send them out?  The standard timeframe is 4-6 months before your wedding date, but you can also choose a time that you feel will most benefit your guests.  A destination wedding would require giving guests even more time to make preparations.

What information is typically included on save the dates?  Besides the obvious listing of your names and upcoming wedding date, you can also list where the wedding will take place.  This can include the city & state as well as the name of the church or venue, if already known.  If space allows, you may include your personal wedding website address to visit for travel specifics or hotel information for out-of-town guests (or include accommodation cards with your wedding invitations) .  Also important to list is the phrase, ‘invitation to follow’, so guests know more details will be coming on the formal wedding invite.

Now knowing the answers to these FAQs, feel free to browse our online selection of unique Save the Dates.

Rustic Timeline Save the Date Cards

Rustic Timeline Save the Date

A wedding accommodation card is an optional insert piece that can be included with your invitation mailing.  Their purpose is to inform your guests of the hotel options you have made available for them.  Depending on how many out-of-town guests you are expecting to attend, you may want to hold a block of rooms at more than one hotel in the area.

Typical information that can be printed on accommodation cards includes…

  1. Name and address of hotel
  2. Phone number for making hotel reservations
  3. Hotel website for more information
  4. Date by which reservations should be made (Hotels may only hold a block of rooms until a certain date before releasing any that haven’t been individually reserved, especially if a special rate is offered.)
  5. Group name to reference when making reservation (often the last names of the couple)
  6. Distance from wedding venue (optional)
  7. Special group room rate being offered (optional)

Many times, you may find an accommodation card that matches your wedding invitation design.  Another option is to order simple white accommodation cards, as shown here.

Timeless Sophistication Accommodation Card

Timeless Sophistication Accommodation Card

Whether you are planning a beach wedding or a tropical destination wedding, seashells are perfect for complimenting your theme.  No two shells are alike, just as your love story is truly unique to you and your fiance.

Seashell invitations are great for introducing your wedding theme.  Here are a couple of designs to inspire your shopping.

The invitation pieces here are shaped as shells and strung together with ribbon for a very unique look.

Sea Shells Invitations

Sea Shells Invitation

This wedding invitation design mixes words of love with images of seashells for a soft romantic background.

Romantic Seashell Wedding Invitation

Romantic Seashell Invitation

A beach wedding can also have fun seashell accessories.  This wedding program fan is adorable with its shell design and is quite functional for keeping guests cool.

Wedding in Paradise Shell Program Fan

Wedding in Paradise Shell Program Fan

Top off your special day with this cake top also featuring a seashell motif.

Seaside Jewels Cake Top

Seaside Jewels Cake Top

If you are planning a beach or shell theme for your wedding, you can find many more ideas on our Pinterest board – http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/beach-wedding-theme/.   Feel free to also browse all of our available seashell wedding invitations.

Wedding invitation text can be broken down into answering the questions of who, when and where as they pertain to your wedding details.

Your invitation wording will need to answer these specific questions to provide your guests with all the details they will need about your wedding…

  • Who is inviting guests to the wedding?  This typically refers to whoever is hosting/financing the wedding.  Their name(s) should be printed preceding a phrase like ‘invite you to share with us’ or ‘request the honour of your presence’, or however you choose to have it worded on your wedding invites.  This may be your parents or you and your fiance. It may also be both you and your parents meaning all of you should be listed as extending the invitation.
  • Who is getting married? This may seem obvious but it also pertains to how you and your fiance’s names will be printed. If your parents’ names will be included, only your first and middle names are necessary since there’s no need to repeat last names unless yours is different from theirs.  For example, if only your parents will be listed, simply list your first and middle names but your fiance’s last name should be included in the absence of his parents’ names. If you prefer, you can choose not to include your middle names.
  • When is your wedding ceremony taking place?  The proper order of listing these details is as follows – day of the week, calendar date, year and time of day.  Notice that this information is written out in words instead of numbers as shown in this example:

Saturday, the fifth of September
Two thousand fifteen
at two o’clock in the afternoon

  • Where is your wedding ceremony taking place?  Be sure to list the name of the location, the number & street address and the city & state.  No abbreviations or zip codes are included as in this example:

The Bible Church
1111 Main Street
Chicago, Illinois

  • When is your wedding reception taking place?  You can either list the specific time of your reception in a typical numeric format or simply use the phrase ‘immediately following the ceremony’.  No need to repeat the day, date and year which were already included with your ceremony information unless a post-wedding reception will be held at a later date.  If space allows, reception details can be listed directly on your wedding invitation or a separate reception card can be included, especially if it’s a reception being held on a separate date.
  • Where is your wedding reception taking place?   The details of where your reception is being held should be listed in the same way as for your ceremony, either on your invitation or as part of a separate reception card.

These are simply the basics of invitation wording to make sure all the details are properly included for your guests.  Most likely you will be viewing sample verses that will guide you through the information you need to complete as you customize your chosen design.  You may also choose to add custom lines of verse depending on the design of your wedding invitation.

Shimmering Lights Seal n Send Invitation

Shimmering Lights Seal n Send Invitation

The color gray is elegant and neutral so it can be paired with many different colors.  When it comes to contrasting with shades of grey, yellow is a great choice to add just the right pop of color to the mix.  Yellow and gray wedding invitations can actually be designed in various ways to make the most of this color combination.

Here are some examples showing not only different color tones but also different ways of using yellow and gray as part of your invitations:

This invitation card perfectly blends yellow (marigold) with gray (pewter) into its modern design.  Using both ink colors also emphasizes your names within the printed wording.

Modern Moments Wedding Invitation

Modern Moments Invitation

Here again marigold (yellow) is used to not only highlight specific information but is also featured in the contemporary design that outlines the printed verse.  Pewter (grey) completes the rest of the wording and is used as the color of the background card.

Vivid Accents Layered Invitation

Vivid Accents Layered Invitation

This pocket style uses a lighter shade of gray (platinum) paired with marigold yellow accents both on the inside and outside to contrast the white invitation card.

Sleek Simplicity Pocket Invitation

Sleek Simplicity Pocket Invitation

Maybe you are combining yellow and gray with shades of coral and orange in your color scheme as represented on this invitation design.

Color Block Invitation - Marigold

Color Block Invitation – Marigold

Along with your wedding invitations, yellow and grey can also be featured on your save the dates and thank you cards to complete your stationery color theme.

Bold Save the Date Magnet - Marigold

Bold Save the Date Magnet – Marigold

Patterned Collage Photo Thank You Note - Canary

Patterned Collage Photo Thank You Note — Canary

As always, these are just a very few examples of the yellow and gray wedding invitations that are available, especially if shopping online.  If you are planning a theme around the colors gray and yellow for your wedding, you can find many more ideas on our Pinterest board – http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/yellow-and-gray-yellow-and-grey-wedding-color-palette/.

The obvious purpose of wedding menu cards is to creatively display all the tasty details of your wedding reception food.  What’s often overlooked is how stylish they can be when added to the place settings of your reception tables.  There may even be a menu card to match your invitation design.

Letterpress Wine and Dine Menu Card

Letterpress Wine and Dine Menu Card

Do you also know the additional ‘supporting roles’ your printed menu cards can serve depending on the design you choose?

How about expressing your thankfulness to family & friends that they could be with you on your special day.  On the design below, your sentiments are shared on the back side of your menu card.

Chalkboard Circle Menu Card

Chalkboard Circle Menu

How about recognizing all the members of your wedding party who are part of your celebration, as with this design, which is a nice touch for guests who may not know everyone.

Dinner Party Menu Program

Dinner Party Menu Program

How about sharing with guests your new address as a married couple as this design does on the back side of the card.

Distinctive Impressions Menu

Distinctive Impressions Menu

How about listing for guests the order of events for the evening as shown on this design.

Best Chevron Ever Bellatina Menu

Best Chevron Ever Bellatina Menu

How about a menu wrap design that fits around your napkins and can be used to hold a wedding favor or even silverware.

Birch Tree Love Menu Wrap

Birch Tree Love Menu Wrap

Maybe you would prefer your wedding menu be printed on a napkin to be placed at each place setting instead of a card.

Marvelous Menu Luncheon Napkins

Marvelous Menu Luncheon-Napkins (choice of colors)

Did you ever think there could be so much to consider when it comes to menu cards for your wedding?