Keys to Inexpensive Wedding Invitations

There’s nothing wrong with trying to save some money wherever you can in your wedding planning starting with inexpensive wedding invitations.

Here are a few simple ways to have beautiful invitations without breaking your budget, especially when keeping two main tips in mind…

1.   Give yourself plenty of time.  The earlier you start your invitation shopping, the more time you will have to shop around for your favorite design at a reasonable price.  If you feel rushed to place your order, chances are you will make a quick decision before finding your perfect design.  You may even select a more expensive invite because you don’t have time to do any price comparison shopping.  You also want to avoid paying more for a faster shipping method.  (Remember, you’ll want plenty of time to assemble and address them once they are printed.)

Planning ahead will also give you time to estimate how many wedding invitations to order.  Even then it’s a good idea to order a few more than you think you need to avoid having to buy only a few more later in a separate order which will be costly.  When placing your order, be sure to take note at how the pricing per invitation goes down as the quantity ordered goes up.  You’ll see how much it would cost to print 25 of your invitations later versus adding to your original order.  Extras will come in handy for additional guests not on your original list and for saving as keepsakes.  If the option of ordering extra mailing envelopes is available, you may want to take advantage of this as well so you don’t run short if addressing mistakes happen.

Taking the time to carefully proof your invitation wording before your order is placed is critical.  You wouldn’t want to find an error after they have all been printed and have to pay for a reorder.

2.  Keep it simple.  The more elaborate, the higher the overall price tag.  Extra embellishments and insert pieces not only add to the design/printing costs but also may add to the size and weight of your mailing piece possibly causing the need for extra postage.  Pay close attention to product descriptions for large-sized invitations as it may say ‘extra postage is required’ due to its measurements.  Try to include your reception information on the invitation as well so you don’t have to pay for having a separate reception card printed.

When it comes to professional printing processes, thermography is economical.  It’s a popular process used on wedding invitations whereby a resin powder is added to the wet ink which is then heated to ceate the raised lettering.

When it comes to simple and affordable, seal and send invitations are perfect with their all-in-one-design of having a response postcard directly attached to the invitation.  All envelopes are eliminated since the design folds up into its own mailing piece and the response postcard is a return mailing piece on its own.

Remember that any extras you choose will add to your costs.  Each charge may not appear to be much alone but when several extra charges are added together, it can quickly make a difference.  Examples of extras may be colored printing inks, lined inner envelopes, printed return address on mailing envelopes, etc.

In addition to these several tips for accomplishing inexpensive wedding invitations, you may find other ways to save money when shopping for your own invites.

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