Wedding Postage Will Soon Cost a Little More

Wedding Cake Postage StampJust a reminder that your wedding postage will cost slightly more if you are mailing your invitations after the first class postage increase on January 27.  The first class stamp will cost $.46 following the $.01 increase.  Be sure to take one of your ready-to-mail invitations to the Post Office to be sure you are affixing the correct postage for its size and weight.  Rates are increasing for additional ounces of weight as well.

If your response card happens to be a postcard, that stamp rate will also increase by $.01 bringing it to $.33.  Remember, response cards should include a return postage stamp as a convenience to your guests.

Have you considered personalizing the mailing of your invitations with custom wedding postage?

You can choose to create your own stamps with a favorite photo or simply add your names and wedding date to a pre-designed stamp. What a great way to add an extra special touch to the outside of your mailing envelopes, even if it costs a little extra.

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