The return address on wedding invitations isn’t something you necessarily wait until mailing time to deal with.  Instead it can be planned for much earlier.

When ordering your invitations, there is usually an option for having a return address printed directly on the back flap of your mailing envelopes.  There is a small fee for this additional printing but it eliminates having to either handwrite it or prepare and stick labels on later.

When professionally printed on the envelopes, the return address normally includes just the two lines of the address…no personal name.

The important thing is to remember to include a return address on your wedding invitations, no matter how that is accomplished, so the Post Office can return any undeliverable envelopes.

There are certain guidelines on how to address wedding invitations with no inner envelope.  It used to be traditional for invitations to be mailed with two envelopes – an inner envelope & an outer envelope.  Now with the newer trendy styles of wedding invitations such as pockets, self-mailers and seal and sends, that is not always the case anymore.

If there is an absence of an inner envelope, all your invitation pieces are directly inserted into the mailing envelope with all individual guest names being listed as part of the mailing address.  For self-mailers and seal and sends, they are wrapped up into their own self-mailing piece for proper addressing.

Please use this link to read about the proper guidelines for how to address wedding invitations for mailing.

Wedding return address labels may seem minor but are actually an important part of mailing your wedding invitations.  Here’s why…

If the Post Office is unable to deliver any of your invitations, attaching return address labels will ensure those envelopes are returned back to you or whomever is listed on the return labels.

In the absense of a pre-printed return address, they can be placed in that same center area of the back envelope flap.

Because there are so many designs of wedding return address labels, you can choose a wedding specific design as pictured above or you can keep it more classic with simple labels like these.  The theme of your wedding or invitations may even influence your chosen label design.

There are certain guidelines on how to address wedding invitations inner envelopes.  It used to be traditional for invitations to be mailed with two envelopes – an inner envelope & an outer envelope.  With the advent of more modern wedding invitations including pocket styles, double envelopes are not always included.

If your chosen design includes two envelopes, the inner envelope is the smaller of the two and the one that has the colored lining option for a nominal charge.  It holds your wedding invitation along with any enclosure cards and is then inserted into the outer envelope for mailing but before this happens both envelopes need to be hand addressed.

Please use this link to read the specific guidelines for how to address wedding invitations inner envelopes.

Mailing your invitations with wedding stamps gives you another opportunity to personalize.  You can choose to create your own stamps with a favorite photo or simply add your names and date to a pre-designed stamp. What a great way to add a special touch to the outside of your wedding invitations.

Wedding stamps typically come in numerous postage amounts to accommodate the various weights and sizes of invitations.  Many times you can also choose from different physical sizes to properly fit the size of your mailing envelopes. To be sure you purchase your wedding postage in the correct amount, take one of your ready-to-mail wedding invitations to be weighed at your local Post Office.  Always be sure to also find out if there are any postage increases scheduled for the near future, especially if purchasing your stamps ahead of time.  This information can also be very important when buying stamps for your rsvp cards since they won’t be mailed back until a later time.

The extra cost involved with special wedding stamps can be slightly decreased through quantity; the more postage sheets you purchase, the cheaper each sheet becomes.  Keep in mind that there may be pre and post-wedding stationery items that can also be mailed with your wedding postage.

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