Last week we covered the ‘who’ questions that need to be answered in your wedding invitation text.  This week we cover the ‘when’ questions.

  1. When is your wedding ceremony taking place?  When listing the specific details, they should be listed in the order of day of the week, calendar date, year and time of day.  Here is an example:
    Saturday, the tenth of September
    Two thousand eleven
    at two o’clock in the afternoon
  2. When is your wedding reception taking place?  The ‘when’ details of your wedding reception will just list the specific time in a typical numeric format or simply the phrase ‘immediately following the ceremony’ since the day, date and year have already been included with your ceremony information.  The exception would be if your reception is being held on a separate date from your ceremony.  These reception details can be listed directly on your wedding invitation if there is room or a separate reception card can be included to share this information along with the location.

In next week’s post, we’ll cover the ‘where’ questions.

Last week we listed the specific questions that need to be answered with your wedding invitation text.  The first two questions deal with ‘who’…

  1. Who’s hosting the wedding?  The name(s) of whoever is paying for the wedding should be listed just before the line ‘invite you to share with us’ or ‘request the honour of your presence’, depending on how you choose to have it worded on your wedding invitations.  This may be you and your fiance or it may be one or both sets of parents.  It may also be both you and your parents combined meaning all of you should be listed as doing the inviting.
  2. Who’s getting married?  This may seem obvious but how will you and your fiances’ names be printed.  Only the first and middle names of the bride and groom need to be printed if their parents’ names will also appear revealing their last name.  For instance, if only the bride’s parents will be listed, she simply needs to list her first and middle name but the groom should include his last name since his parents names won’t be printed.  In some cases, it is chosen not to include middle names.

In next week’s post, we’ll cover the ‘when’ and ‘where’.

Wedding invitation text needs to include the who, when and where of your wedding details.

Here are the specific questions that need to be answered with your wedding invitations:

Who is hosting the wedding?

Who is getting married?

When is the wedding ceremony? (time, day of the week, calendar date and year)

Where is the wedding ceremony? (name of location and full physical address)

When is the wedding reception? (time)

Where is the wedding reception? (name of location and full physical address [if different than location of ceremony])

This is the first in a series of posts on wedding invitation text.  Future posts will cover each specific question in more detail.

Wedding invitation sayings are typically unique or catchy verses that lead into your actual wording.  Occasionally they can appear as part of and in the middle of your main wording.  They can be unique to your wedding theme or maybe represent something that is special to you such as a song lyric, beloved Bible verse or favorite quote.  Here are just a few examples:

Love isn’t love ’til you give it away…

A picture-perfect wedding
isn’t caught on film,
it’s captured in the heart.

Just like a page out of a fairy tale
the storybook romance comes true…

Two lives, two hearts
joined together in friendship
united forever in love.

A perfect shell is a gift from the sea
as beautiful and unique
as our love is meant to be

Some styles will have wedding invitation sayings printed on the front as part of the actual design.  There may or may not be a choice in the wording of that saying since it’s part of the design.