When it comes to modern wedding invitation designs, you will find more options for customizing them with your choice of colors.  It used to be that most designs had their color(s) already determined and you were only allowed to choose the color of ink for the invitation wording.  There are still designs like that today, but there are also more and more designs that give you color options for both design elements and the verse printing.  Custom colors are a great way to add your own personal touch to your invitation design.

Here are just a few unique examples of how your choice of color can truly transform the look of the same wedding invitation design.

By simply changing the color of the roses on this Lovely Roses Invitation, you can make it custom to your wedding flowers.  Choosing the same ink color for your names and/or invitation wording is also a way to customize the design.

Wedding Invitation Design Lovely Roses

Lovely Roses Wedding Invitation

This modern floral design, Paradise Garden Invitation, let’s you choose the color of the background which again totally changes the look of the invitation to match your wedding colors while the floral border colors remain the same.

Modern Wedding Invitations Paradise Garden

Paradise Garden Invitation

You design the complete appearance of this Whimsical Wreath Invitation by the background color you select along with the lettering ink color to most likely match your wedding colors.

Whimsical Wreath Wedding Invitation Design

Whimsical Wreath Invitation

Now that you have been introduced to these examples of designs that let you be unique and creative with your color choices, feel free to browse all of our modern wedding invitation designs.

Are you looking to add a little glitz and glam to your wedding?  Why not start with gold wedding invitations.

Gold can simply be used as a subtle accent to a design or it can be the main focal point.  Featured here are just a sampling of wedding invitations to show how gold can be creatively used in modern designs beyond just being an ink color choice for your wording…

On this trendy Coloring Craze Invitation, gold is used to elegantly highlight the floral border that surrounds the wording.

Gold Wedding Invitations Coloring Craze

Coloring Craze

For a truly unique look, the invitation card for this Fancy Detail design is attached to a gold shimmery base card whose beautifully detailed laser-cut border surrounds the wording on all but one side.

Gold Wedding Invitations Fancy Detail

Fancy Detail

This Shine Through Invitation showcases the look of glittery gold with its two layer design.  The sparkly gold backer card shows through as a border around the edges of the top white layer and through the die-cut ampersand design in the center of the names.

Gold Wedding Invitation Shine Through

Shine Through

When you want to emphasize the main design feature, even if it’s simply a ‘love’ phrase, highlighting it in gold foil is the perfect way to do so as on this stylish Whimsical Watercolor Invitation.

Whimsical Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Whimsical Watercolor

Classic and elegant are the only way to describe the look of an invitation when black and gold foil are combined as on this Ritzy Style Invitation.  This is definitely a shining example of glitz and glam.

Black and Gold Wedding Invitations Ritzy Style

Ritzy Style

Rose gold is another metallic look that is currently trending when it comes to weddings.

As you can see, when it comes to using gold as part of an invitation design, the options are many…especially if you choose to combine gold with another color you are featuring as part of your wedding.  You are now invited to browse our wide selection of available gold wedding invitations which includes the designs featured above.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board showcasing unique ideas for a gold wedding theme – http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/gold-wedding-theme/.

The color gray is elegant and neutral so it can be paired with many different colors.  When it comes to contrasting with shades of grey, yellow is a great choice to add just the right pop of color to the mix.  Yellow and gray wedding invitations can actually be designed in various ways to make the most of this color combination.

Here are some examples showing not only different color tones but also different ways of using yellow and gray as part of your invitations:

This invitation card perfectly blends yellow (marigold) with gray (pewter) into its modern design.  Using both ink colors also emphasizes your names within the printed wording.

Modern Moments Wedding Invitation

Modern Moments Invitation

Here again marigold (yellow) is used to not only highlight specific information but is also featured in the contemporary design that outlines the printed verse.  Pewter (grey) completes the rest of the wording and is used as the color of the background card.

Vivid Accents Layered Invitation

Vivid Accents Layered Invitation

This pocket style uses a lighter shade of gray (platinum) paired with marigold yellow accents both on the inside and outside to contrast the white invitation card.

Sleek Simplicity Pocket Invitation

Sleek Simplicity Pocket Invitation

Maybe you are combining yellow and gray with shades of coral and orange in your color scheme as represented on this invitation design.

Color Block Invitation - Marigold

Color Block Invitation – Marigold

Along with your wedding invitations, yellow and grey can also be featured on your save the dates and thank you cards to complete your stationery color theme.

Bold Save the Date Magnet - Marigold

Bold Save the Date Magnet – Marigold

Patterned Collage Photo Thank You Note - Canary

Patterned Collage Photo Thank You Note — Canary

As always, these are just a very few examples of the yellow and gray wedding invitations that are available, especially if shopping online.  If you are planning a theme around the colors gray and yellow for your wedding, you can find many more ideas on our Pinterest board – http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/yellow-and-gray-yellow-and-grey-wedding-color-palette/.

Navy blue is one of those classic colors that never seems to go out of style, even for weddings.  If your wedding color scheme includes navy blue, here are a few unique designs to inspire how you may want to feature it on your wedding invitations.

Mounting a white invitation card featuring blue colored ink on a navy blue background card creates an elegant look as shown here on (Ecru Elegant Vintage Border Invitation).

Ecru Elegant Vintage Border Invitation

Wrapping a white invitation card featuring your wording in blue ink with a stylish navy blue wrap and then tied with a satin ribbon makes for a sleek looking invitation as shown here (Blue Borders of Gold Invitation).

Joyful Brilliance Invitation

This modern style below has multiple shades of blue including navy throughout the entire ensemble for a very creative look (Beautiful Colors Invitation – Navy).

Beautiful Colors Invitation Navy

As you can see there are so many ways to incorporate a chosen color into your wedding invitation design.  We just happened to focus on navy blue invitations.

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Be sure to check out our Pinterest board showcasing unique ideas for a blue wedding theme – http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/blue-wedding-theme/.

Red is traditionally known as the color to symbolize love, as in red hearts, making it a perfect wedding color.  If this is your chosen wedding color, there are many great ways to have red wedding invitations.

Simply having your verse wording printed in a shade of red really highlights the color, especially on a white invitation background as shown below.

Announcing Shimmer Invitation White with Red

Below is a modern twist with the invitation printed on red card stock highlighted with a white design.

Opulent  Filigree Invitation Ecru with Merlot

Speaking of red being the color of love, the red rose is another popular love symbol so chances are you may be including them in your wedding flowers.  The below invitation design would match both themes perfectly.  Red could actually be part of any invitiation design you may choose to preview your wedding.

Red Rose Mini Pocket Invitation

Be sure to check out our great selection of all styles and colors of wedding invitations by clicking here.

I don’t know about you, but I always think of black and white as classic wedding colors – the bride dressed in her beautiful white gown and the groom dressed in his sleek back tux.  Also classic, or traditional, are white invitation cards with lettering printed in black ink.

Dainty Flowers Invitation

Today there are many more options when it comes to a black and white theme.  Below is one modern twist with the design and ink showing in white on a solid black invitation card.

Opulent Filigree Invitation - Ecru with Black Shimmer

Another trend to the classic black and white invitation is to add a splash of color.  This color can be added with a ribbon or an extra ink color for the wording or a colored design printed on the card.

Southern Twlight Layered Pocket Inviation

No matter what trends the future holds, I think black and white invitations will always be in style even with minor design twists.

Be sure to check out our great selection of all styles and colors of wedding invitations by clicking here.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board showcasing unique ideas for a black and white wedding theme – http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/black-and-white-wedding/.

Grey invitations can really vary in appearance depending on how much grey is used in the design and how dark or light the shade.  Here are some examples showing not only different color tones but also different ways of using grey as part of your elegant invitation design:

Beautiful Colors Invitation - Pewter

As shown below, you may even include silver as a shade of gray since both appear quite similar with the design below showing a silver invitation held on a black backer card with silver swirls.

Midnight Amour Wedding Invitation

This pocket style uses a lighter shade of grey for wrapping around the white invitation card. Pock-a-Dot Grey Invitation

This unique selection ties the white invitation card to a gray colored base and you can also choose that same color shade for the imprint ink.

Appealing Elegance Wedding Invitation

As always, these are just a very few examples of the grey wedding invitations that are available, especially if shopping online.

Blue wedding invitations can actually have several different looks as far as designs that may fall into this color theme.  Shades of blue can also range from light pastel to dark navy.  Here are some design examples showing not only different color tones but also different ways of using blue as part of your invitations:

This invitation card itself has a blue colored background as part of the design.

Lace Appeal Invitation Ensemble

This pocket style uses a lighter shade of blue for the design on a white invitation card.

Natures Spirit Pocket Invitation

This unique selection uses a navy blue wrap around an ecru card outlined in a gold foil border and all tied together with a matching navy ribbon.

Joyful Brilliance InvitationAs always, these are just a very few examples of the blue wedding invitations that are available, especially if shopping online.

Little girls are often known to love the color pink and that can ensue years later to their wedding day.  I am always reminded of the movie ‘Steel Magnolias’ where Shelby’s wedding gloriously featured her passion for pink with the colors of blush and bashful.

If this is your wedding color, you can enhance that theme even more by creating pink wedding invitations with the color of paper, ink, and/or design printing you choose.  Here are a few examples for inspiration but keep in mind there are endless possibilities.

The Initial Look Wedding Invitations

Country Chic Pocket InvitationPurple wedding invitations can really include many different color hues including lavendar, plum, raisin, eggplant, lilac, orchid, violet, periwinkle and hydrangea.  Depending on the shade of purple you select, you may be able to create a striking combination with other colors such as grey/pewter/silver, gold, moss/olive, black, white, aqua/turquoise/teal and shades of blue.  You may be surprised at which colors enhance each other and you’ll know which ones don’t once you see them together.

Whatever tone of purple you select to include on your invites, there are many ways in which to do so.  You can choose a style that has a design printed in that color or the color may simply highlight parts of an embossed design.  Pocket styles may use your chosen shade as the pocket color or the invitation card may be layered on a slightly larger backer card of that color creating an outside border.

Purple Border InvitationOther options include having that color as a border on the outer edge of your white invitation card and/or have it as the ink color in which your wording is printed.

As you can see, there are many, many options if you choose to have purple wedding invitations.