Ecru Tiple Panel Place Cards for WeddingIt may seem early to be thinking about items for your reception when ordering your wedding invitations but doing so could save you time later.  One of those reception accessories are place cards for a wedding.

Place cards are used to help guests find their seats at your reception.  Their name will be written on the card and, if you choose, a specific table number.  Usually your first names and your wedding date will be pre-printed on the cards so it just makes sense for you to order them right along with your invitations.

You can choose a simple white card or, many times, there will be cards that perfectly match your invitation design.  No matter the design you choose, these cards are folded in half to become smaller tent cards for standing on their own at each place setting.

Place cards for a wedding are just one reception accessory you can conveniently purchase when ordering your wedding invitations.


Have you considered spicing up your invitations with custom wedding postage stamps?

Mailing your invitations with special wedding stamps gives you another opportunity to personalize.  You can choose to create your own stamps with a favorite photo or simply add your names and date to a pre-designed stamp. What a great way to add a special touch to the outside of your wedding invitations, even if it costs a little extra.

In this earlier post we talked about wedding menu cards in general but here we are covering wedding menu wording.

The purpose of these cards is to convey the savory details of the food and/or drink selections to be served at your celebration.  Your reception venue should be able to provide you with the tantalizing details to share with guests.  The style of how you decide to list your menu items, from salad to dessert, is really a personal preference.

You may choose to label the menu into the various meal courses.

You may choose to be a little less formal and simply list your food selections in the order they will be served without special headings.

No matter how you list your selections within your wedding menu wording, your chosen design may also give you the option of listing your names and wedding date.

Wedding return address labels may seem minor but are actually an important part of mailing your wedding invitations.  Here’s why…

If the Post Office is unable to deliver any of your invitations, attaching return address labels will ensure those envelopes are returned back to you or whomever is listed on the return labels.

In the absense of a pre-printed return address, they can be placed in that same center area of the back envelope flap.

Because there are so many designs of wedding return address labels, you can choose a wedding specific design as pictured above or you can keep it more classic with simple labels like these.  The theme of your wedding or invitations may even influence your chosen label design.

Adding wedding menu cards to each place setting at your reception will reveal to your guests all the food selections to be served.  In addition to being personalized with your names and wedding date, the menu items can be printed under course headings or simply listed by name with a tantalizing description.

To add an elegant finishing touch to your reception table settings, you may be able to choose a design that matches your wedding invitations or a creatively shaped card as shown that is printed with an ink to match your colors. 

Wedding menu cards can be used for displaying more than just food selections.  If you are having a cocktail reception, you may choose to list special drinks that will be available to guests on a menu card as shown here.  They can also be used for other wedding-related events such as the rehearsal dinner.

Mailing your invitations with wedding stamps gives you another opportunity to personalize.  You can choose to create your own stamps with a favorite photo or simply add your names and date to a pre-designed stamp. What a great way to add a special touch to the outside of your wedding invitations.

Wedding stamps typically come in numerous postage amounts to accommodate the various weights and sizes of invitations.  Many times you can also choose from different physical sizes to properly fit the size of your mailing envelopes. To be sure you purchase your wedding postage in the correct amount, take one of your ready-to-mail wedding invitations to be weighed at your local Post Office.  Always be sure to also find out if there are any postage increases scheduled for the near future, especially if purchasing your stamps ahead of time.  This information can also be very important when buying stamps for your rsvp cards since they won’t be mailed back until a later time.

The extra cost involved with special wedding stamps can be slightly decreased through quantity; the more postage sheets you purchase, the cheaper each sheet becomes.  Keep in mind that there may be pre and post-wedding stationery items that can also be mailed with your wedding postage.

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