If you have decided to include a separate wedding reception card instead of listing the information directly on your invitations, you will have more room for your wording.  Details to be listed include when and where it will be held.

Here are some wedding reception card wording samples…

Reception, Dinner and Dance
immediately following ceremony

Cocktails served at TIME
Dinner served at TIME
Dancing TIME until TIME

To share in our happiness
kindly join us for
cocktails, dinner and dancing

Including response/RSVP cards with your wedding invitations is highly recommended since having an accurate guest count for your reception can save you from paying for extra guests that won’t be attending.

Your RSVP wedding wording will include a line for guests to write their names, an area to mark whether they will or will not be attending and a selected date by which your guests will be asked to reply. That date is typically 2-3 weeks before your wedding date.

Here is just one RSVP Wedding Wording sample:

The favour of a reply is requested
before DATE
M _____________
__ will attend
__ not able to attend

Today, guests may also be asked to select their choice of entree as printed on the response/RSVP cards if they indicate they will be attending your reception as in this verse…

Please reply on or before DATE
M ____________
__ persons will attend


Inner envelopes wedding invitations are typically more traditional and formal in their design since they include double envelopes.

The inner envelope holds the invitation along with any enclosures and is sized to be inserted into the outer mailing envelope.  You will also notice this inside envelope is not gummed and remains unsealed.

You may choose a colored lining for the inner envelope that coordinates with your invitation design.  This is optional since an extra charge is involved.

Inner envelopes wedding invitations have two envelopes that need to be hand addressed.  The inside envelope will contain only the names of invited guests from each household and the outside mailing envelope will contain the formal mailing address.