Response cards play an important role in the final stages of wedding planning so you want to be sure to include them when sending out your wedding invitations.  That being said, why not also have a little fun with them which is what this post is all about.

Enchanted Memories Valstyle Wedding Invitations

Enchanted Memories Invitation w/response card

For a refresher on all the specifics and etiquette, check out my previous blog post on wedding response cards.

Wedding RSVP Cards Vintage Pearls and Lace

Vintage Pearls and Lace Response Card

In addition to the basic information that is requested on an RSVP card, there are a couple of other questions you may want to ask.  One of them could be their choice of entrée if you are offering options to your guests.   You can choose to have the names of the entrée choices printed on the cards or you could creatively have the food choices represented by the appropriate symbol.  Pictured here are both options…

Response Cards Glowing Fantasy

Glowing Fantasy Response Card

Wedding Response Card Nature of Love

Nature of Love Respond Card

You may have noticed on the one design that it also indicated that the reply could be made via email address.  Proper etiquette is that you provide the postage stamps on the response card envelopes for the convenience of guests.  So including an email address could result in some of the prepaid postage not being used…just something to keep in mind.

One other question you may want to ask on your respond cards pertains to favorite songs your guests would like to be played during the wedding reception.  Below is an example that includes wording for requested songs or it could be worded as ‘please tell us your favorite song to get you on the dance floor‘.  This information can come in handy when preparing your music play list.

Response Card Vintage Now

Vintage Now Response Card

Asking for these extra tidbits of information from your guests on their response cards is a great way to get them engaged and excited for your upcoming wedding.

Most of the time you will find your chosen wedding invitation design has a matching response card so then it’s just a matter of selecting the wording you would like printed on them.  Hopefully you have found some inspiration by the ideas mentioned in this post.

Including response cards with your wedding invitations is highly recommended as they are essential to your planning.  Since they will provide you with an accurate guest count for food and seating arrangements, they could actually save you some money.  More often than not, there will even be a card to match your invitation design.

You will need to select a date by which your guests will be asked to reply so it can be printed on the RSVP cards. That date is typically 2-3 weeks before your wedding, depending on your reception venue’s timeline.

A return mailing envelope is included with each response card and is printed with your mailing address or the address of whoever will keep track of the guest count. Be sure to also include a postage stamp on each envelope as a courtesy to your guests.

If your design happens to be a seal n send invitation, your response card will actually be a postcard that guests can detach from the invite. It is then mailed back without an envelope since it has the mailing address preprinted on it and it only requires you provide a postcard stamp.

Here are some very common wording examples that can be used…

The favour of a reply is requested
before DATE
M _____________
__ will attend
__ not able to attend

We look forward to celebrating with you.
Please reply by DATE
Name _____________
Number of persons ___

You can also choose to be more contemporary or even clever with your wording.  Say you are having a nautical themed wedding, your wording could include…

 ___ It’s knot likely we would miss this!
 ___ Unfortunately, we are all tied up!

Today, guests may also be asked to select their choice of entree as printed on the response cards if they indicate they will be attending your reception.

Please reply by DATE
M ____________
__ Yes, with excitement!
__ No, with regrets
Choice of Entree:

__ Chicken
__ Grilled Salmon

A more recent idea is to also ask for song suggestions from guests if you would like their input…

I will dance if you play __________________

What song will get you on the dance floor? ______________

Typography Inspiration Response Card

Typography Inspiration Response Card

Typically when you include respond cards with wedding invitations they consist of a card and pre-addressed return mailing envelope already having the return first class postage attached.

To save on costs, you may want to consider response postcards instead since return mailing envelopes are not required.  Postcards can be mailed as is with the return address already printed directly on them.  The postcard stamp for return mailing also costs less than a regular first class stamp.

Some wedding invitation designs may have the option of a matching response postcard design.  Seal and send invitations actually have the printed postcard attached at the bottom of the invitation so guests can easily detach, fill out and mail back to you.  If a matching option is not available, you can always order them printed on simple white or ecru cards as shown below.

Whether you choose to include respond cards or response postcards, the wording will be the same asking for the guests’ names and how many will or will not attend.  A menu entree selection can also be requested if needed.

Bright White Respond Postcard

English Garden Wedding InvitationRSVP wedding cards, also known as wedding response cards, are invaluable for making your final reception preparations.  The decision as to whether to send them to guests will need to be made early on when ordering your wedding invitations.

As shown here, many times wedding invitation ensembles include matching RSVP cards so it’s quite easy to include them with your order.

Mocha Damask Seal 'n Send InvitationBy providing postage on them, whether they are cards w/envelopes or postcards, you are making it convenient for your guests to let you know if they will be able to attend.  Having an accurate guest count will ensure you don’t pay for guests who won’t be there.  Make sure the date you include on the RSVP wedding cards gives you enough time to provide that information to the staff at your venue.

Besides requesting guest names and if they will be able to attend you can ask for their preference if there happens to be a choice of entree for your wedding as well.

Including response/RSVP cards with your wedding invitations is highly recommended since having an accurate guest count for your reception can save you from paying for extra guests that won’t be attending.

Your RSVP wedding wording will include a line for guests to write their names, an area to mark whether they will or will not be attending and a selected date by which your guests will be asked to reply. That date is typically 2-3 weeks before your wedding date.

Here is just one RSVP Wedding Wording sample:

The favour of a reply is requested
before DATE
M _____________
__ will attend
__ not able to attend

Today, guests may also be asked to select their choice of entree as printed on the response/RSVP cards if they indicate they will be attending your reception as in this verse…

Please reply on or before DATE
M ____________
__ persons will attend