Save the date cards are ideal for many couples planning their upcoming nuptials.  This allows you to send the wedding date and location to friends and family even before the invitations go out, encouraging them to leave the day open on their calendar.  This is particularly important when guests are traveling from out of state.

Mailing the Card at that Sweet Spot

Typically sending save the date cards six to eight months prior to the wedding is a good idea.  It can be tempting to mail save the date cards as soon as the wedding date and location have been finalized.  A gut reaction may be the sooner the better, however by sending the cards too soon you risk your guests forgetting about the event until the invitation arrives.  In general, anything extending nearly a year or longer will risk being tossed aside because the date is so far in the future.

When the Save the Date is Critical

A summer wedding, when guests are making vacation plans, destination or a wedding that falls on a three-day weekend are all times when it is important to send a save the date card ahead of time.  Allowing your invited guests that six to eight months to plan their own schedule around the wedding can go a long way to making sure your family and loved ones are able to attend.

A mistake that some couples make when sending save the date cards is to send it to both their ‘A’ and ‘B’ guest list, before paring it down for the official invitations.  Be sure to only send a card for those guests that will definitely be invited to the wedding.  It is a major faux pas to send a save the date and then never follow-up with an invitation.

By finding just the right time for sending your save the date, you can be sure that your nuptials will be in the calendar of those friends and family in plenty of time.  This will ensure that they will be able to celebrate with you on your big day.

Check out our blog post on FAQ’s for more helpful information.  You’ll also enjoy browsing our selection of unique save the date designs.

Mr. and Mrs. Square Photo Save the Date
Mr. and Mrs. Square Photo Save the Date

Looking for ways to keep some of your wedding planning simple?  How about starting with your save the dates.

Sharing photos has become quite trendy with couples when they formally announce their wedding date to family and friends.  Choosing to send a save the date magnet is perfect for sharing a favorite photo (or two) and making it easy for guests to display them on their refrigerator as a quick reminder and memorable keepsake.

Our newest magnet designs for save the dates, as shown below, really put the main focus on your photo while keeping the wording very simple.  Typically printed on them are your names and the date of your upcoming wedding.  Other options can include listing the city & state where you will get married and/or the phrase ‘Invitation to Follow’ although it’s most likely assumed that receiving your save the date means they will also receive your wedding invitation.

Save the Date Magnets

Save the Date Magnets

In this more unique design, Lovely Leaves Save the Date Magnet, your photo fits perfectly in the leafy design and is surrounded by the wording.

Save the Date Magnets Lovely Leaves

Lovely Leaves Save the Date Magnet

Photos are great but certainly not required for a wedding save the date.  This Timeless Love magnet is definitely a fun, bright colored design option.

Timeless Love Magnet for Save the Date

Timeless Love Save the Date Magnet

Even though trends in design may change, the basics remain the same so be sure to check out our Save the Date FAQ’s blog post.  You can also take a look at our Pinterest board featuring unique save the dates ideas –

Although save the dates come in a wide variety of different designs, there are some notable features to many of the newer, trending styles…

Sharing photos has become very popular when announcing your upcoming wedding date.  Whether you are sharing 1, 2, 3 or even a collage of photos, you are sure to find the perfect design.  This particular save the date card, Round ‘Em Up!, has room for a strip of 3 photos.

Save the Date Cards Round Em Up

Round ‘Em Up!

Just as double-sided wedding invitations are now becoming a modern trend, so are 2-sided save the date cards.  What’s printed on the other side depends on the design.

Sharing your favorite photo is a clever use of the two-sided design with all your save the date details printed on the flip side.  On this modern choice, Pure Portrait, the photo is accented with the phrase ‘Save the Date’ along with your wedding date.

Save the Dates Pure Portrait

Pure Portrait

Save the date magnets are another great option since they let guests conveniently display them on their refrigerator for safe keeping as a quick reminder and lasting keepsake.  This Country Style Save the Date Magnet is perfect for a country or rustic themed wedding.

Save the Date Magnets Country Style

Country Style Magnet

For those who would like to have all of their wedding stationery pieces follow the same theme, many wedding invitation designs have a matching save the date as shown with this Whimsical Rustic design.

Photo Save the Dates Whimsical Rustic

Whimsical Rustic

Even though design trends may change, the basics remain the same so be sure to check out our blog post on Save the Date FAQ’s.  You may also want to check out our Pinterest board showcasing unique ideas for save the dates –

Now that you have been introduced to some of today’s trends, feel free to browse our entire selection of Save the Dates.

When a couple decides to get married, there’s usually no question that they will eventually be sending out wedding invitations.  But what about save the dates?

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions that should help if you are considering whether or not to send save the dates to your wedding guests.

What exactly are save the date cards?  They are cards that are sent out well in advance of your formal invitations to announce your upcoming wedding date.  The design you choose may be printed on one or two sides, may match your wedding invitation design, may include one or more photos of you and your fiance, or may come in a fun design or unique shape.  They may even be magnets that guests can hang on their refrigerator as a reminder.

Why send them?  Save the dates are sent to guests to make them aware of your wedding months ahead of time so they will keep that date open on their calendar if they wish to attend.  Since wedding invitations are usually sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding, save the date cards are typically sent out at least 6 months in advance of the wedding.  This gives family and friends plenty of time to plan their schedules around your date.   With today’s busy lives, guests may also be planning vacations or other special events many months in advance.

Having to travel to your wedding, whether it’s a destination or just out-of-town location, is another reason to send them.  Time to make travel arrangements or even to save up money for the travel expenses will be greatly appeciated by guests.

Do you have to send them?  This is your choice entirely since it’s YOUR wedding. Guests will no doubt be grateful for them if your wedding date is close to a holiday or during a time when vacations are common or if they will need to make travel arrangements to attend.

Who should receive them?  Whether guests are out of town or local, they will all surely welcome receiving the advanced wedding announcement.  It’s important to keep in mind that everyone who receives your save the date MUST also receive your formal wedding invitation.  If a your photo is included, the save the date also makes a great keepsake for family and friends.

When do I send them out?  The standard timeframe is at least 6 months before your wedding date, but you can also choose a time that you feel will most benefit your guests.  A destination wedding would require giving guests even more time to make preparations.

What information is typically included on save the dates?  Besides the obvious listing of your names and upcoming wedding date, you can also list where the wedding will take place.  This can include the city & state as well as the name of the church or venue, if already known.  If space allows, you may include your personal wedding website address to visit for travel specifics or hotel information for out-of-town guests (or include accommodation cards with your wedding invitations).  Also optional to list is the phrase ‘invitation to follow’ so guests know more details will be coming on the formal wedding invite.

Now knowing the answers to these FAQs, feel free to shop our online selection of unique Save the Dates.

Photo Save the Dates Aquarelle

Aquarelle Save the Date

While it is a good idea to send out save the date notices to your guests letting them know of your wedding date well in advance, there’s no reason not to keep the whole process as simple as possible.  Save the date postcards are the ideal way to do that.

Here are some of the advantages to the postcard style…

  • No envelopes required which often times makes them less expensive to buy than cards or magnets.
  • No assembling or inserting into envelopes before sealing.
  • Savings on postage since a postcard stamp is cheaper than a first class stamp.

Many of today’s save the date postcard designs also let you share one or more favorite photos with family and friends as you announce your wedding plans.

Whether you’re having a beach wedding or a rustic wedding, there are matching designs such as this one…

In Our Heart Photo Save the Date Postcard

In Our Heart Photo Save the Date Postcard

You can also have some fun with your postcard like this ticket design to the most special event of the year…

Just the Ticket Photo Save the Date Postcard

Just the Ticket Photo Save the Date Postcard

Your actual invitations will share all the specific details of your wedding so feel free to keep your save the date announcements more simple and what better way than with postcards.

Here are links to find out more about the information that should be printed on them and also some save the date FAQs.

For those who decide to send out save the dates for their wedding, there may be a question as to how to word them.

Most important is to list your names as well as your upcoming wedding date so guests can mark it on their calendar to make sure they can be with you on your special day.

Also listed should be the city/state and maybe even the specific venue location if you have it already booked.  The more information you can provide the better, especially if there will be travel involved for a destination wedding.  You may even list a personal wedding website address, if you have one, which can provide guests with updated details.

Another important phrase to list is ‘invitation to follow’ so guests know this save the date notice will be followed by a formal wedding invitation.

You will find many sample save the date wordings to choose from when designing yours including extra verse ideas based on the amount of printing space and your personal taste.

To browse our wide selection of wedding save the dates including the unique boarding pass design below, click here.

Tropical Boarding Pass Save the Date Card

Sending save the dates is a terrific way to joyously announce your upcoming wedding.  Since it’s no secret how busy everyone is these days, they are also a courteous gesture in giving guests plenty of time to make arrangements for attending.  This is especially true if many of your family and friends will have to travel a distance to be with you on your special day.

Besides the normal save the date wording, a great piece of information to share is your personal wedding website address.  There guests can read all kinds of details about you and your fiance, your wedding and any pertinent travel information such as nearby hotels, etc.

Click on this link to read more about how save the dates are vital to your wedding.

Dots of Red Save the Dates

If you’re debating whether you should send out save the dates or not, the questions and answers below should help enlighten you and answer some of your own personal questions centered around sending them.

What are save the dates? A save the date is usually sized smaller than wedding invitations and oftentime includes a photo of the couple. They announce the date of the wedding and are sent preceding the actual invitation.  A neat design for save the dates is a magnetic card that hangs on the fridge so guests will have a constant reminder to not plan anything else on your special day.

What is their purpose? Save the date cards serve the purpose of making guests aware of your wedding date months in advance so they will keep their calendar free that day if they wish to attend. Wedding invitations are usually sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding. If any of your guests have a big vacation or event coming up, it is usually already going to be planned by that time. Save the date cards are usually sent out at least 6 months in advance allowing your guests plenty of time to schedule around your date.

Is it mandatory to send them? It is your wedding so nothing is mandatory if you don’t want it to be. It is entirely up to you but remember if your wedding is going to be during a holiday weekend or a time when people frequently travel, a save the date really comes in handy and might be expected by your guests.  Some people might even view it as proper etiquette so if you like to stay up to par when it comes to etiquette you might want to send those save the dates.

Who do I send them to? Out of town guests are your most important ones as they will obviously need more time to plan their trip. They will need the extra time to book a hotel, save up gas or flight money, book flights or book a rental car. Plus time to shop for a new dress is always nice! Local guests will enjoy the courtesy of being informed as well.  Keep in mind that everyone who receives your save the date must also receive your wedding invitation.

When do I send them out? Choose a time that you feel will most benefit your guests but at least 6 months in advance is standard. Remember that if you are having a destination wedding, guests will need even more time to prepare.

What are the benefits of save the dates? A few have been listed previously but as a reminder, your guests have more time to prepare. Save the dates can also serve as a form of engagement announcements for those who might be out of the loop and have no idea you are engaged. It serves as a little warning so to speak that the invitation and big day are coming soon!

Are there any cons associated with them? Not really, other than the fact that you are going to pay a little more for postage. But if you get them in a postcard form you’ll save on mailing. And in the whole realm of things, the cost of save the dates as compared to other wedding costs are quite minute.

Now that you have reviewed the FAQs, feel free to shop our online selection of unique Save the Dates.

Save the Dates Just Lovely

Just Lovely Save the Date

Once Upon a Tiime Save the DateAre you planning a wedding?  A save the date with photo is a fun way to proudly show pictures of you and your fiancee while also announcing your upcoming wedding date.

Today’s modern styles let you share multiple photos or even reveal details about the three special dates of your relationship – your first meeting, engagement and wedding – as shown above.

Our Special Event Save the Date

Your creative options are endless…this save the date with photo will definitely get your guests’ attention.  It reads like an ad for a one day special event – your wedding.

And don’t forget about magnets…there are also many, many great designs that include a photo.  Read all the details about sending your own save the dates.

Planning for a weddings save the date should be done months before your actual wedding day.  I know that we’ve just begun the fall season but for those planning a spring or summer 2012 wedding, now is the time to start shopping if you wish to send out save the dates to guests.

You will need time for shopping, ordering and addressing in addition to the 4-6 months before your wedding date which is typically the timeframe for mailing save the date notices.

There are so many styles to choose from, whether you want to be creative or you want to make it more personal by using a photo.  There are styles and shapes to match specific themes, magnets for handy reference and more formal card designs that perhaps match your wedding colors.

With everyone’s busy schedules, a save the date may be very much appreciated by your guests so they can plan their calendars accordingly.  This is even more true for destination weddings and those taking place during holiday times.

Here are more details to help you prepare your weddings save the date.