For couples looking to make their wedding invitations really stand out, foil stamping is a great option.  Foil stamping, also referred to as foil application, is when metallic colored foil is applied to the surface of the invitation through heat.  The foil then attaches onto the surface permanently, leaving behind a stunning metallic writing on the invitation.

The Many Options that Foil Stamping Offers

The metallic foil used for invitations comes in a variety of colors, including white, pink, red and blue as well as the more traditional silver and gold.  Having some or all of the text on your wedding invitation foil stamped will ensure that your invitation stands out, and the metallic look will give it a more luxurious, high-end feel.

Foils are eye-catching and can create unusual effects in various light.  Foil stamping can be done with any font, making this a viable option for any wedding theme or style.  The level of elegance with your foil stamping can be further enhanced through the font used, making this a more up-scale event or a more casual affair as best suits the wedding.

Foil printing can also be used as part of the invitation design. It may be used in a border or as accents to highlight the design. However foil is used, it’s sure to be noticed as an elegant touch.

Foil Printing May Not Be for Everyone

While it provides a stunning look on any invitation, foil stamping is a labor-intensive undertaking.  A custom stamp must be created for your invitation.  This makes the price significantly more substantial than printing a standard invitation.  The additional work involved in the foil stamping process also means that the turn-around time for your invitations is longer.  For those couples that are under a deadline, the additional time needed for the foil stamping process may rule out this option for their invitations.

While foil stamping may not be for everyone, if you are looking for that special invitation that will leave your guests talking, foil printing is certainly an option to consider.

A previous blog post explains the many different styles of wedding invitation printing processes in addition to foil stamping.

Be sure to browse our entire selection of wedding invitations, including foil printed as shown here, to find your perfect design.

Flower Patterned Romance | Foil Stamping Wedding Invitation
Flower Patterned Romance

If you are looking for stylish yet affordable wedding invitations, you certainly don’t need to give up one for the other with all the unique designs available.  Keep in mind that your definition of affordable will most likely depend on your wedding budget.

Today we are going to introduce you to several different styles of affordable wedding invitations and what makes them so budget friendly.

A simple invitation card printed on white or ecru paper can be quite inexpensive.  Being printed using thermography and with only 1 or 2 ink colors also makes it budget friendly.  Matching insert pieces such as reception and response cards are also economically priced.

Affordable Wedding Invitations | Lantern Jar

Jar Wedding Invitation

Sep ‘n Send invitations fit their name perfectly.  The invitation, response card and reception card are all printed on the same sheet of paper.  Then before mailing, they are all easily separated by the perforated lines with printed response card envelopes also included.  The cost savings to you are because all the cards are printed together on one page.  All the pieces also share the same ink colors for a perfectly coordinated look.

Affordable Wedding Invitations Elegant Affair Sep n Send

Elegant Affair Sep n Send Wedding Invitation

Seal and Send wedding invitations are a budget-friendly and time-saving choice due to the all-in-one style.  Everything is included in just one piece that folds up into its own self-mailer with no envelopes needed.  The response card is conveniently attached as the bottom panel of the invite with a perforation.  This makes it easy for guests to remove for return mailing.  Being a postcard size, no return mailing envelope is required and only a postcard stamp is needed.

Affordable Wedding Invitations | Shimmering Lights

Shimmering Lights Seal ‘n Send Invitation

All ‘n One invitations include the invite, reception details, any accommodation information and a detachable response postcard.  The cost savings are due to all these pieces being printed on a two-sided single card design.  The response postcard also means no response envelope is needed.  This horizontal style neatly folds up to fit in the provided mailing envelope.  Many of the design choices also let you share a favorite photo or two.

Affordable Wedding Invitations Cherished Moments All in One

Cherished Moments All ‘n One

ValStyle invites have a vertical two-sided design again with the invitation printed on the front.  The information for the reception and any accommodations or map details are printed on the back.  Attached with a perforation at the bottom is the response card which you separate and insert with its printed return mailing envelope.  The cheaper price is again due to the one piece design being printed on both sides eliminating both a separate reception and accommodations/map card.

Affordable Wedding Invitations Beach Bliss

Beach Bliss ValStyle Invitation

Hopefully these examples of affordable wedding invitations give you some ideas for when it’s time to shop for your design.  Keep in mind that all the styles mentioned here come in a wide variety of designs to fit all different wedding themes.

If you’re looking to have creative invitations with a unique look for your wedding, one way is the addition of embellishments once the invites are printed.

For instance, as a DIY, you could simply tie a piece of jute cord to wrap around your folded card as shown below on our Florentine Tapestry Invitation or maybe even a piece of tulle or ribbon.  If your invitation printer doesn’t have these types of trimmings available, you are sure to find them at a local craft store.

Florentine Tapestry Invitation

Florentine Tapestry Invitation

Another option, if you are willing to pay a little more to save yourself some time, is to have an embellishment already added as well as have any invitation card assembly completed by your printer.  Below are a couple of examples of different invitation styles that can be delivered to you already assembled and complete with embellishments.

Bridal Lace & Pearls Invitation

Bridal Lace & Pearls Invitation

Dazzling Silver Gems Invitation

Dazzling Silver Gems Invitation

These are just a few examples of how you can embellish your invitations.   One thing to keep in mind is that adding trim to your invites may require extra mailing postage.

Use this link to see our many other designs that you can purchase so they arrive already assembled including unique decorations for your own creative invitations.

If you are having a destination wedding, boarding pass invitations are a fun design choice, especially if your guests will have to book an airline flight.  They are a great way to get them excited for their travels to your special wedding location.

This particular invitation design (Boarding Pass) also has matching ensemble pieces in the reception and respond cards along with place cards, all in keeping with the traveler motif.

Boarding Pass Invitation

Another option is this somewhat more casual invitation design (Airplane Boarding Pass) on which you can also personalize the destination in the heading.

Airplane Boarding Pass Invitation

Guests being invited to a destination wedding will definitely need plenty of time to make their travel arrangements so you may choose the option of sending them boarding pass save the dates followed by a formal invitation later.  This design (Tropical Boarding Pass Save the Date Card) is perfect if you are planning for a tropical wedding locale.

Tropical Boarding Pass Save the Date Card

This last example (Boarding Pass Save the Date Card) is fitting to any destination location.

Boarding Pass Save the Date Card

Click the link to see our entire selection of boarding pass invitations and save the dates.

When choosing your custom wedding invitations to uniquely reflect your personalities, tastes or special wedding theme, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Use this link to find ideas for customizing your own unique invitations.

Seal Shells Custom  Wedding Invitations

When it comes to folded wedding invitations, there are several different styles with each being unique in their appearance.  Because of the extra panels created by the folds, there may even be more room for a special verse to be printed.

We’ll start with z-fold invitations that are true to their name.  They take on the formation of the letter z with their accordian fold.  This style is typically made up of three panels and may have the option of having wording printed on all the panels depending on the design as shown here.

Spring Flowers Invitation

Another type of fold is the gate-fold wedding invitation.  Gate-folds can be fashioned with either three or four panels where the two outside panels fold inward to meet in the center.   As shown below, the folded panels can be uniquely designed to interlock together.

Butterfly Wishes Wedding Invitation

One of the most common styles is when an invitation folder is created by having one fold down the center of the paper with the folded edge either at the top or side.  Your wording may appear either on the front of the folder or inside as shown here.

Oval Filigree Wedding Invitation

Another unique type of folded wedding invitations is the seal n send style.  There are a total of four panels created by three folds.  The very bottom panel is actually the attached response postcard which is easily detached by guests.  All folded up, it becomes its own mailing piece with no envelope required as shown here.

Daisy Delight Seal n Send Invitation

Elegant Border InvitationModern wedding invitations transform your style into a new modern look and the result is a gorgeous invitation that will leave guests pretty impressed!

Read more about trends that may apply to modern wedding invitations.

Have you considered how to make your wedding invitations unique to match your style,  personalities and wedding theme without going over budget?

Here’s the full unique wedding invitations article with some great ideas.

Embellished Invitation with RibbonWedding invitations with ribbon are available in many different designs.  In some styles, the ribbon is simply there as a decorative touch, but many times the ribbon actually ties and holds the invitation ensemble together which is what we are showcasing today.

In the style shown here, the invitation is folded upwards to not only hide the wording but to also reveal a beautiful design on the outside.  The ribbon provides the perfect touch for fastening the invitation in place until it’s in the hands of your guests.

Tied Trifold InvitationThis particular design includes side pockets for holding additional invitation pieces.  That section is folded over to cover the verse and to be tucked underneath the front panel once it’s folded over.  The ribbon then secures everything in place for easy opening by family and friends.

Keep in mind that the color of your tying ribbon can also match your wedding colors, especially when paired with an overall white wedding invitation.

Eco wedding invitations can be just the beginning for couples who want to be more environmentally conscious when it comes to their wedding.  You’ll find that some invitations are Green Seal Certified which can range from the paper containing 30% post consumer recycled materials to paper made of 100% post consumer fibers and created without the use of chlorine compounds.  Some paper manufacturers use a significant amount of renewable energy resources and responsible forest management practices.  These notations, if applicable, should be listed within the product details.

Black and White Seal and Send Invitations

Another eco-friendly option may be to select a simple wedding invitation design such as a seal and send.  The mailing envelope and response card envelope are eliminated therefore saving on the amount of paper being used.

As shown here, you certainly aren’t sacrificing quality or beauty when choosing from the many eco wedding invitations available.