Have you thought about how you can share a special memory with family and friends from your wedding celebration after it’s over?

Giving them your favorite wedding photo as a keepsake could be the perfect solution.

Depending on how quickly you want to start writing out your thank you notes, this could be a great way to share one, or even a few, of your wedding photos while thanking guests for their generous gift and for celebrating with you.  Having thank you cards printed with your favorite photo may take just a little more time and effort but family and friends will surely appreciate the extra touch and the souvenir they will have of the joyous celebration.

Here’s just a sampling of all the different designs available when it comes to photo thank you notes.  Many of them are folded so you have the inside to hand write your message.  If you aren’t sure about the etiquette to follow when writing your note, check out this previous blog post all about wedding thank you card guidelines.

Wedding Photo Thank You Cards

Wedding Photo Thank You Cards

Another unique idea would be sending family and friends a photo Christmas card featuring your favorite wedding photo giving them a memento of your celebration.  It’s also a great way to commemorate your first married Christmas as newlyweds and to remember your special day.

Here are just a few examples of newlywed Christmas card designs.  You can really choose any holiday photo card design and simply make it custom using your favorite wedding photo.

Newlywed Photo Christmas Cards

Newlywed Photo Christmas Cards

Mr. and Mrs. Thank You Card

Mr. and Mrs. Thank You Card

Wedding thank you cards are sent to your guests to let them know just how grateful you are that they could attend your wedding and how appreciative you are of their gift.

You may have purchased them at the same time as your wedding invitations, especially if a matching design was available which is quite common.  If you wish to include a wedding photo, then you will need to order them afterwards but don’t wait too long as they are typically mailed within a month or so and no later than 3 months after your celebration.

For any gifts received before your wedding, it’s a good idea to send out those thank you cards within 2 weeks.

A personally handwritten note is like a gift in itself to your guests showing them your sincere gratitude.  You should use the same tone in your note as if you were thanking them in person.  Black or blue ink is recommended with that same ink being used for addressing the mailing envelopes so everything matches.

A thank you should be written and sent to everyone involved in your wedding, from the flower girl to the best man along with all those who should receive your gratitude.

Bridal Party Thank You Collection

Bridal Party Thank You Collection

If you as a couple are going to share the responsibility of writing these notes together, it will lessen the task somewhat. You may also try writing some each day to make the job seem less overwhelming.

Here is an outline of a typical wedding thank you card:

Salutation: “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson”, “Dear Uncle Tom” and “Dear Mary” are all ways of starting the note depending on your relationship with that particular guest.

First sentence: Begin with yourself (and/or spouse). “I would like to thank you…” or “Dan and I would like to thank you…”. Let the recipient know who is thanking them.

Mention the gift: Be as specific as possible. Tell the person how nice it is and why.

Be careful not to step on any toes in writing your thank you’s. DO NOT mention you are going to return a gift for ANY reason. Also, you should not say that you received the same gift from someone else.

Tell them how you plan to use the gift: In the case of monetary gifts, you should not mention that it was a check, cash or even the exact amount of the gift. An example would be, “Your generous gift is highly appreciated. We have it earmarked for our house fund.”

Thank the person again: Maybe include a personal thought about your relationship with the giver or a special memory from your wedding.

Close the note: Give a heartfelt closing and sign your names.

See more wedding thank you tips.

Photo Thank You Cards Forever and Always

Forever and Always Photo Thank You Cards

The type of wedding thank you cards you will be sending to your guests will actually determine when you may want to purchase them.

Note cards or thank you cards can be purchased at the same time you order your wedding invitations.  Your invitations may even have them available in a matching design.  Note cards will usually have your first names on the front with the inside to be used for either a pre-printed note or your own handwritten note.

Regal Flourishes Wedding Note Card

If you choose to send photo thank you cards, you will have to wait until after the wedding so you can have them printed with a favorite wedding photo to share with guests along with your personal note.

 Mr. and Mrs. Photo Wedding Thank You

Click here for tips on writing your wedding thank you notes.  Feel free to browse our selection of thank you cards.

Since you are going to be sending out thank you’s, why not choose photo thank you wedding cards.  This is a great way to share a favorite wedding photo with your guests while sending them your personal thank you message.

Check out these guidelines on the wording of your wedding thank you cards.