Boho wedding invitations are a natural choice for introducing guests to your bohemian theme.  Words like rustic, laid back, vintage, nature, florals, romantic, chic and whimsical may come to mind when describing this style of wedding.

This theme has gained popularity with couples in recent years.  Whether it’s using florals and vines to represent nature or soft colors for a rustic vintage look or bright bold colors for a whimsical appearance, you’ll find there are unique ways to display your boho wedding theme on your invitations.  Here are just a few examples…

This elegant letterpress Boho Vines Invitation perfectly fits its name by featuring a simple boho vine for a natural rustic touch to frame your wording.

Boho Wedding Invitations Boho Vines

Boho Vines Invitation

On this customer favorite, Boho Breeze, soft floral colors along with a hint of a lace pattern create vintage elegance.  It’s a two-sided card, and it’s hard to decide which side has the prettier design.  Matching insert pieces continue the boho chic style.

Bohemian Wedding Invitations Boho Breeze

Boho Breeze Invitation

The charming wreath of flowers and greenery on this Boho Botanicals Invitation seems to resemble a floral headpiece that some brides wear for a bohemian themed wedding.

Boho Botanicals Wedding Invitation

Boho Botanicals Invitation

For a more whimsical look, you can choose this Flowery Boho Invitation with its brighter floral shades.  This two-sided design lets you decide the background color on both sides.

Unique Wedding Invitations Flowery Boho

Flowery Boho Invitation

Start your boho theme off right with this Boho Swag Save the Date to announce your upcoming wedding date.  You create your own custom look with your color selection for the flowers and you provide your favorite photo for the other side of the card.

Wedding Save the Dates Boho Swag

Boho Swag Save the Date

If you are planning to celebrate your wedding with a boho or bohemian theme, I hope you have found some inspiring design ideas to get you started.  Feel free to browse all of our available boho wedding invitations.

Nautical wedding invitations are perfect for introducing your romantic nautical theme to your guests.  Whether it’s using different color shades inspired by the crystal blue waters or including design elements such as sailing rope, anchors, compasses, etc., you’ll find there are many different ways to display your nautical wedding theme on your invitations.  Here are just a few examples…

The color navy blue along with several nautical symbols are used on this Destination Love Invitation.  A compass is featured on the invitation card while the matching insert cards feature an anchor, a sailing ship and a lighthouse to complete the theme.

Nautical Wedding Invitations Destination Love

Destination Love Invitation

On this customer favorite nautical invitation, Nautical Romance, your initials are highlighted within the anchor and rope design.  Different shades of blue are showcased in the design and wording as well as within the classic stripes at the bottom.

Nautical Romance Wedding Invitation

Nautical Romance Invitation

To go along with a nautical themed wedding, this uniquely shaped Ahoy Mates! Invitation for a couple’s wedding shower is simply adorable right down to the tiny heart at the top of the anchor.

Nautical Wedding Invitations Ahoy Mates

Ahoy Mates! Invitation

It’s all in the details with this Nautical Design Seal ‘n Send from the rope and anchor to the life preserver with its inside shaped as a heart, and let’s not forget the look of white boards as the background.  This is also an all-in-one style that is designed to conveniently fold up into its own self-mailing piece.  A response postcard is attached to the invitation along a perforation for easy removal and return by your guests without a separate return mailing envelope.

Nautical Design Seal n Send Wedding Invitation

Nautical Design Seal n Send Invitation

Don’t forget the accessories!  From guests books and wedding programs to cake tops and personalized drink coasters, you can check out these and many more custom nautical wedding accessories.

Nautical Wedding Accessories

Nautical Wedding Accessories

If you are planning to tie the knot in nautical style, I hope you have found some inspiring ideas to make your romance set sail.  Feel free to browse all of our available nautical wedding invitations.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board showcasing many more unique nautical wedding ideas –

Greenery wedding invitations are predicted to be trendy this year along with greenery being featured in wedding décor, bouquets, floral arrangements, etc.

When it comes to invitations, there are many creative ways you can use greenery as part of your design.  Green foliage such as plants, leaves or even vines can add natural beauty.  Luscious tropical leaves scattered around the edges of this invitation card create a simple nature-inspired look – Jungle Love Invitation.

Green Wedding Invitations Jungle Love

Jungle Love Invitation

Having a border that appears as a frame around the wording is another elegant way to highlight greenery as part of an invitation design.  Here, florals mixed with various shades of green leaves and vines create a wreath border on this Boho Botanicals Invitation.

Unique Wedding Invitations Boho Botanicals

Boho Botanicals Invitation

A certain season of the year can also be symbolized by the type of greenery used in your design.  This Winter Berries Invitation is an excellent example and visibly sets the tone for a winter wedding.

Greenery Wedding Invitations Winter Berries

Winter Berries Invitation

For a truly unique look, why not blend several shades and colors of greenery together.  This Garden Glamour Pocket Invitation does just that with its bright, whimsical design all neatly wrapped together into a pocket style.

Green Wedding Invitations Garden Glamour Pocket

Garden Glamour Pocket Invitation

I hope you have found a few inspirational ideas for featuring some nature-inspired greenery on your wedding invites.  Feel free to browse all of our available greenery wedding invitations.

Did you also know that there’s an actual color named Greenery which is Pantone’s color of the year for 2017.

Be sure to also check out our Pinterest board showcasing more creative ideas for your wedding rehearsal dinner –


Watercolor wedding invitations are a refreshing, elegant trend featuring soft washes of color.  Often times it may appear as though the color was brushed onto the paper.  They are also a versatile design choice that can fit a variety of wedding themes.

When it comes to invitations, watercolors can be used in several different ways to add beauty to the design.  Several colors can even be mixed together creating the background as shown in this warm, romantic design – Blushing Watercolor Invitation.

Blushing Watercolor Invitations

Blushing Watercolor Invitation

Florals are another stylish way to use watercolors on a wedding invitation.  On this particular design, Fresh Flowers, not only are an assortment of colors included but also various shades within the same color palette which creates the look of a watercolor print.

Watercolor Wedding Invitations | Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers Invitation

Artistic style can also be created with the use of watercolors.  This Watercolor Swish Invitation uses the color to cleverly highlight the ‘&’ symbol on the invitation itself and the heading words on the matching ensemble pieces.  This particular design lets you choose your shade of watercolor to match your wedding.

Watercolor Swish Invitation

Watercolor Swish Invitation

One of the most unique ways to use the watercolor trend is to have it highlight a special area of the invitation design.  On this Leafy Lace Invitation, the watercolor seems to bring to life the laser cut tree as the focal point of the design.

Leafy Lace Watercolor Invitation

Leafy Lace Invitation

I hope you have found inspirational ideas for featuring some beautiful watercolors on your invites.  Feel free to browse all of our available watercolor wedding invitations.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board showcasing unique watercolor wedding ideas –

The look of burlap has become quite popular due to the recent trend of country, rustic, vintage and even barn wedding themes.  Whether it’s just the look of a burlap texture or it’s the real thing, there are many ways to accent your wedding with burlap.

Wedding invitations can be just the beginning.  In fact, it could even start with save the dates having the appearance of burlap or being inserted into an actual burlap pouch.  Lace can also add a touch of romance when combined with burlap.

As shown below, the theme can continue to wedding accessories, favor bags, a banner for the littlest ones in your wedding party to carry down the aisle, wine bags used as table numbers, etc.

Burlap Wedding Theme

Not to be forgotten are your thank you notes.  Their design can also match your wedding theme and share a photo with guests from your special day.

Burlap Lace Photo Thank You Note

Burlap Lace Photo Thank You Note

If you are planning a wedding theme that may feature burlap accents, you can find many more ideas on our Pinterest board –   Feel free to also browse all of our available burlap wedding invitations & accessories.

Whether you are planning a beach wedding or a tropical destination wedding, seashells are perfect for complimenting your theme.  No two shells are alike, just as your love story is truly unique to you and your fiance.

Seashell invitations are great for introducing your wedding theme.  Here are a couple of designs to inspire your shopping.

The invitation pieces here are shaped as shells and strung together with ribbon for a very unique look.

Sea Shells Invitations

Sea Shells Invitation

This wedding invitation design mixes words of love with images of seashells for a soft romantic background.

Romantic Seashell Wedding Invitation

Romantic Seashell Invitation

A beach wedding can also have fun seashell accessories.  This wedding program fan is adorable with its shell design and is quite functional for keeping guests cool.

Wedding in Paradise Shell Program Fan

Wedding in Paradise Shell Program Fan

Top off your special day with this cake top also featuring a seashell motif.

Seaside Jewels Cake Top

Seaside Jewels Cake Top

If you are planning a beach or shell theme for your wedding, you can find many more ideas on our Pinterest board –   Feel free to also browse all of our available seashell wedding invitations.

Everyone enjoys a good love story so why not reveal your unique story using your wedding invitations.  Many of your friends and family may not know all the special details of your relationship such as…

  • when or how you met
  • your first date
  • your first kiss
  • how long you dated
  • when and how you became engaged

Storyline wedding invitations are a great way to share some of these relationship milestones.  The specific invitation design you choose will help you determine which special pieces of information you will share.  Here are two such examples…

Our Story Invitation

Our Story Invitation

Our Love Story Invitation

Our Love Story Invitation

Another way to share a timeline of your love story is with save the date cards you can mail to guests well before they receive your actual invitation.  Here are a couple of examples since different designs will again guide you through the special dates you share…

Our Love Story Save the Date

Our Love Story Save the Date

Storybook of Love Save the Date

Storybook of Love Save the Date

Guests are sure to enjoy reading all about your unique love story or timeline as you invite them to celebrate the beginning of the next chapter in your love story.  Some designs may even include sharing favorite photos.  There’s no doubt that these custom wedding invitations and save the dates are uniquely personal to you and your fiance.

For those couples planning a fall wedding, there are several ways you can feature the beauty of the season on wedding invitations as inspired by nature.  They may be designed to include the wonderful colors of autumn or they may feature fall foliage as part of the motif.

Here are just a few examples that are part of this year’s fall design selection…

Leaf Swirl Seal n Send Invitation

Leaf Swirl Seal ‘n Send Invitation


GodenSwirls Invitation

Golden Swirls Invitation


Fall Fantasy Invitation

Fall Fantasy Invitation


Leaf It To Romance Invitation

Leaf It To Romance Invitation


Maple Breeze Layered Pocket Invitation

Maple Breeze Layered Pocket Invitation

You can check out our entire collection of fall wedding invitations including the newest designs in our online store.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board showcasing unique ideas for a fall wedding theme –

A damask design creates an elegant vintage look with its distinguished pattern.  As far as weddings, the damask look can be featured on your cake, accessories, favors, accessories and invitations.

When it comes to damask wedding invitations, there are many choices to be made as to the style, design and colors.  Many times black and white comes to mind as part of this design as shown here.

Damask Trifold Invitation

Damask Trifold Invitation

Today there are many options of colors to be featured as part of the damask pattern or it could be accentuated with a pearlized appearance.

Jubilant Damask Invitation

Jubilant Damask Invitation

Pearlized Filigree Border Invitation

Pearlized Filigree Border Invitation








There is also the style of invitation you choose.  Will it be a pocket, tri-fold, z-fold, single card, or maybe a seal ‘n send as pictured here.

Damask Seal n Send Invitation

Damask Seal n Send Invitation

Damask doesn’t necessarily have to be a large design on the invitation.  Below it’s simply used to accent your names on the inside and your initials on the front with the unique laser cut-out pattern.

Laser Cut Wrap Invitation

Laser Cut Wrap Invitation

No matter which style, design or colors you choose, your damask wedding invitations are sure to add an element of sophistication to your special day.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board showcasing unique ideas for a damask wedding theme –

Part of the excitement of planning a destination wedding is revealing to guests exactly where you will be exchanging your vows.  Mailing out destination wedding invitations is a great way to carry out the ‘big reveal’ by selecting a design specific to your romantic location.

There are many creative design ideas when it comes to invitations depending on your destination.

This clever design is meant to resemble an airplane boarding pass…it’s ready to be customized for any wedding destination to which guests will have to fly the friendly skies.

Airplane Boarding Pass Invitation

Airplane Boarding Pass Invitation

If your wedding will be held at a location that implies a special theme, you may choose a matching invite design.  Having a tropical wedding could inspire designs with beaches, seashells, palm trees, etc.  Here is an invitation design that would be perfect for a vineyard wedding with its charming grapevine design.

Glorious Grapevine Invitation

Glorious Grapevine Invitation

Maybe your wedding is being held in a well-known US city and you would like to represent that theme with your invitations.  A whimsical cityscape design like the one below for Chicago would be a great choice. (We have cityscape designs for several major US cities.)

Cityscape Invitation Chicago

Cityscape Invitation – Chicago

Las Vegas is a popular destination for many wedding couples.  So, of course, there’s many fitting invitation designs including the one shown here.

Vegas Watercolor Invitation

Vegas Watercolor Invitation

Tropical islands are another ‘hot’ destination wedding spot.  Instead of the popular beach designs, featuring a nautical map of your favorite island on your invitations would be unique.  (We have several designs like the one below for different island locations.)

Come to Jamaica Invitation

Come to Jamaica Invitation

No matter the destination, even Paris or London, you are sure to find an invitation design to match revealing to your guests where your married life will begin.

Be sure to mail out your destination wedding invitations well ahead of your wedding date to allow guests plenty of time to make their travel arrangements.  In some cases, you may even find a save the date design to match your destination that you can mail out to guests well in advance of the actual invitations.