A country themed wedding can really cover a wide range of ideas so you never know where you may find inspiration for your planning beginning with the design of your country wedding invitations.

Burlap has become quite trendy and is the perfect touch for a country wedding.  It can be used to accent everything from your aisle runner and wedding accessories to your table and cake decorations.  To complement those touches of burlap, here is an invitation design highlighting that theme (Rustic Touch Invitation).

Rustic Touch Invitation

Mason jars have also become popular, especially as part of a country wedding theme.  They can be used as part of the lighting decor radiating soft candle light or as part of the table decor holding colorful floral arrangements.  This particular design (Simply Country Sep ‘n Seal) shares the mason jar theme throughout the entire invitation ensemble.  It also happens to be a sep ‘n seal style whereby you separate the respond and reception cards from the invite before mailing to your guests.

Simply Country Sep 'n Send

Some other terms that come to mind reflecting the quaint character of country are homespun and lace.  Both are perfectly harmonized in this invitation (Love and Joy) with its kraft paper and added crocheted lace embellishment.

Love and Joy Invitation

Some other inspirations for a country wedding may include more of a western or cowboy look, a rustic wood or barn theme, or even just a country floral motif.  The choices really are many depending on your personal taste.

Now would be a great time to check out all of our country wedding invitations as well as save the dates and accessories.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board showcasing unique ideas for a country wedding theme – http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/country-wedding-theme/.

Selecting elegant lace wedding invitations seems so fitting since most bridal gowns include beautiful lace details.  The creative appearance of lace as part of your stationery design can be used to emphasize a specific wedding color or complement a certain theme, such as vintage.

There are also a number of ways for lace to appear when it comes to wedding invitations.

Lace comes in all different colors so including it on your invitation in your favorite color is one of the styles you can accomplish.  This particular invitation design (Lace Artistry Pocket Invitation) features an artistic lace design in your choice of pocket and design colors.

Lace Artistry Pocket Invitation

Another option is the elegant simplicity of white lace as shown on this invitation (Lace Embrace) where the look of lace is a shimmery embossed border.

Lace Embrace Invitation

This last example (Wrapped in Shimmer) features a laser cut shimmer band that resembles lace with its intricate edge design.

Wrapped in Shimmer Invitation

These are just a few select examples so be sure to click on the link to check out our entire selection of lace wedding invitations.

With rustic weddings becoming quite trendy, the popularity of rustic wedding invitations has also increased to set the stage for your special day.  Rustic can actually cover a range of different symbols and themes as represented below.

Mason jars can be quite versatile when it comes to wedding decor.  They can be set on tables or hung using their handles to hold floral arrangements or votive candles.  Added decorations include wrapping them in burlap and/or lace or even spray painting them to match your wedding colors.  If jars will be part of your rustic decor, you may consider this jar shaped wedding invitation with its matching envelope lining.

Rustic Inspiration Invitation

Another symbol that comes to mind are rustic, weathered boards as depicted in this invitation design which even includes your initials carved within a heart…how sweet is that little touch!

Rustic Invitation

Chalkboards have also grown quite popular for both decor and creating wedding day signage.  Fitting to that theme would be this invitation with its chalkboard-like appearance.


Even though there are many more rustic ideas, the last one we will cover here involves burlap.  This design not only uses a rustic looking font for the printing but also has the invitation fold up to fit neatly inside a burlap bag and then inside a mocha mailer…how adorable is that!

Typography Inspiration Invitation

If you are planning this type of theme for your wedding, I hope you have found some inspiration for your invites.  Feel free to browse all of our available rustic wedding invitations.

When it comes to winter invitations, the designs often feature the beauty and sparkle of snow flakes.  Each snow flake is truly unique just as the love shared between you and your fiance.

Popular design colors representing winter tend to be colors such as white, grey, silver, or shades of blue, etc.   This particular invitation design (Spinning Snowfall) features embossed snowflakes and blue color tones.

Spinning Snowfall Wedding Invitation

Then there’s the holiday season that is celebrated during the winter season.  If your wedding is being planned around that time, the design below shows both snowflakes and holly leaves as part of the design (Season’s Joy – Snow).

Seasons Joy Wedding Invitation Snow

This last example highlights white tree branches against a silvery metallic background (Sterling Night).  This winter design would be perfect if your wedding decor will also feature white branches, maybe even twinkling with white lights.

Sterling Night Invitation for Wedding

These are just a few select examples so be sure to click on the link to check out our entire selection of winter invitations.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board showcasing unique ideas for a winter wedding theme – http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/winter-wedding-theme/.

When it comes to fall wedding invitation designs, there are so many inspirations from nature to choose from.

There are the truly stunning color tones of autumn – gold, bronze, orange, red, brown, etc.  This particular invitation design (Autumn Tumble) is a great example of a fall color tone that beautifully sets off the embossed, pearlized leaves.

Fall Wedding Invitation Design Autumn Tumble

Then there are the seasonal flowers of fall that again feature the gorgeous colors of autumn as shown on this pocket invitation design (Autumn’s Garden).

Autumn's Garden Invitation

This last example is an elegant white design (Amazing Autumn) that features pearlized leaves and a modern chevron design.  Your chosen ink color in this case could be used to reflect a favorite autumn color.

Amazing Autumn Invitation for Fall Wedding

These are just a few select examples so be sure to check out our entire selection of fall wedding invitation designs.

Whether they’re featuring the beautifully colored feathers or those same vibrant colors, peacock invitations can be part of this trendy wedding theme.  When used to identify a specific color choice, ‘peacock’ usually refers to a shade of teal or aqua which can then be paired with various other wedding colors.  Our design here happens to feature the colors ebony and peacock to create its stunning appearance.

Wrapped in Black Wedding Invites

Probably more commonly thought of for a peacock theme is seeing the feathers as part of the design.  This feather design can be used throughout your wedding details including the invitations, accessories, napkins, thank you’s, etc., some of which are shown below from our online peacock collection.

Peacock Feather Invite, Peacock Plume Collection, Peacock Feather Thank You

You may want to follow us on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/prntdcreations/peacock-wedding-theme/ for other great inspirational ideas when it comes to a peacock wedding theme such as cakes, bouquets, centerpieces, decorations, accessories, etc.

Palm Tree Wedding InvitationsWhen it comes to tree wedding invitations, the most popular design is palm trees.

Palm tree wedding invitations are perfect for beach weddings, warm/tropical wedding destinations, island weddings, etc.  If this theme fits your wedding, you are in luck as there are lots of palm tree designs.

Translucent Trees InvitationThere are also invitations that more closely resemble the familiar and mighty oak tree for those having a nature themed wedding or an outdoor ceremony.  Oak tree wedding invitations may be a little more less common than palm tree designs.  As in the case of the invitation shown here, it’s hard to tell exactly what type of tree it is but that’s part of the beauty of the design.

Tree wedding invitations may not often be thought of but they can be perfect for certain themed weddings.


Love Birds Wedding InvitationBird wedding invitations, especially featuring love birds, can set the perfect romantic theme for your wedding.  Love birds, afterall, are known for pairing up and mating for life.  Pictured here is just one of several designs available showing the companionship between love birds.  There are even varying designs depending on the time of year in which you are getting married.

Then there’s also the traditional white doves to symbolize peace and love.  They have been known to be released following a wedding ceremony.  Whether this is part of your planning or not, featuring doves is another choice when it comes to themed bird wedding invitations.

For those planning outdoor garden weddings, there are many choices available when it comes to a design for your invitations.   Some designs of garden wedding invitations may also be available in different color combinations so you can choose one to fit your wedding.

Hydrangea Water Color InvitationOf course when you think of a garden you think of flowers so you may choose to feature your favorite flower on your invitations like this hydrangea, especially if this flower will be featured in your floral bouquets both during the ceremony and reception.

Designs featuring butterflies and gazebos are other perfect ways you can celebrate your garden wedding theme on your invitations.

What comes to mind when you think of vintage wedding invitations?

Vintage Wedding InvitationsThe word ‘vintage’ when used as an adjective often refers to being classic, retro or dating from the past.  When vintage is used in relation to wedding invitations, it’s typically referring to the printed design featured on the invitation.

Sometimes a vintage wedding invitation design can be applied to a more contemporary layout as pictured above.  Even a modern style like pockets can feature a vintage or retro design.

A vintage pattern can also be available in several different color choices so you can closely match it to your wedding.

If you enjoy mixing retro with contemporary, you can also find invitations with a vintage design mixed with modern lines, lettering and color combinations.

When shopping around, be sure to take a look at all styles, including vintage wedding invitations, to make sure you find your perfect design.