All ‘n One Wedding Invitations are just one of the many styles available that you may become familiar with in your invitation shopping.  This style is a great choice when it comes to stylish and affordable.

This convenient style includes the invitation, reception information, any accommodation details and a detachable response postcard all printed on a two-sided single card design.  The response postcard also means no response envelope is needed.  Because all this information is printed as one piece, the cost savings are passed on to you resulting in affordable wedding invitations.

Different from seal ‘n send invitations that fold and seal into their own mailing piece, the all ‘n one style does require a mailing envelope after it’s folded.

You can choose from a variety of all ‘n one invitation designs depending on your theme.  Several let you feature favorite photos as well as customize the paper and ink colors. Here are just a few of the design choices available (front and back shown).  Each one has its own uniqueness as to how photos and wedding details are presented.

All 'n One Wedding Invitations | Cherished Moments

Cherished Moments All n One Invitation

Affordable Wedding Invitations | Perfect Posies All n One

Perfect Posies All ‘n One Invitation

All n One Wedding Invitations | Carved Out Love

Carved Out Love All ‘n One Invitation

All n One Invitation Picture Perfect Love

Picture Perfect Love All ‘n One Invitation

Now that you are familiar with this affordable style, you are invited to browse all of our available All ‘n One wedding invitations.

What could be more personal than photo wedding invitations?  In today’s world, everyone loves sharing selfies but why not share your photos as a couple even if they aren’t selfies.  Photographs also make your invitation a lasting keepsake for family and friends long after the wedding is over.

When invitation shopping, you’ll find many different styles and designs that feature one or even multiple photographs.  Some designs may even fit your wedding theme.  In this post, we are featuring just a few examples…

This Amor Invitation with its unusual folding pattern has space for four photos in two different sizes.  So if you can’t seem to choose just one or two favorites, this is the design for you.

Amor Photo Invitation

Amor Invitation

In this unique photo booklet invitation, All in the Details, your photos appear on the cover and adjacent to your invitation as you open the booklet.  Also included are pages to list accommodations, your reception details, and places to visit in the area for any out-of-town guests.

Photo Wedding Invitations All in the Details Photo Booklet

All in the Details Photo Booklet Invitation

As an all ‘n one design, this Cherished Moments Invitation has room for two photos and has a response postcard attached for guests to remove and mail back.

Cherished Memories All in One Invitation

Cherished Memories All in One Invitation

Fun banners in your choice of color are used on this Brilliant Banner Seal ‘n Send to highlight your favorite photo and wedding details.  Seal n send wedding invitations are designed to conveniently fold up into their own self-mailing piece with a response postcard attached for easy removal and return by your guests.  Both the mailing envelope and response card return envelope are eliminated.

Brilliant Banner Photo Seal n Send Invitation

Brilliant Banner Photo Seal n Send Invitation

These two invitations happen to be z-fold designs.  The Having and Holding Photo Invitation has space for two photos and the Lacy Burlap Photo Invitation has only one photo in the center panel.

Photo Wedding Invitations

Having and Holding Invite                  Lacy Burlap Invite

How about featuring your favorite photo on one side of your invitation with the other side having a design as with this Top Shot Photo Invitation or having the other side printed with your wording as on this So You Photo Wedding Invitation.

Top Shot Photo Invitation

Top Shot Photo Invitation

So You Photo Wedding Invitation

So You Photo Invitation

As you can see, there are many great ways to include photos on your invitations if that’s your preference.  Feel free to check out our entire selection of photo wedding invitations.

Remember, photos aren’t just for invitations…they are also fitting for save the dates, and pictures from your wedding are perfect for your thank you cards.

Are you looking for affordable wedding invitations but without sacrificing style and quality?  Sep ‘n send wedding invitations could be the perfect solution.

Not to be confused with seal ‘n send invitations that fold up and seal into their own mailing piece eliminating mailing envelopes, sep ‘n send (or separate and send) wedding invitations are exactly what their name implies.  The invitation, response card and reception card are all printed on the same sheet of paper.  They are then easily separated by their perforated lines before assembling and mailing in the included envelopes.  Printed response card envelopes are also included at no extra charge.

Because all the cards are printed together on one page with the same ink colors for a perfectly coordinated look, the cost savings are passed on to you resulting in stylish and affordable wedding invitations.  You’ll probably notice how impressive some of the designs appear even before the pieces are separated.

There are a wide variety of sep and send invitations from which to choose depending on the look and theme of your wedding.  Many let you customize the paper and ink colors. Here are just a few of the unique design choices available…

Sep n Send Wedding Invitations Antique Lace

Antique Lace Sep ‘n Send

Grand Statement Sep n Send Invitation

Grand Statement Sep ‘n Send

Affordable Wedding Invitations Vintage Nuptial Sep n Send Invitation

Vintage Nuptial Sep n Send

Now that you are more familiar with this invitation style, you are invited to browse all of our available sep ‘n send wedding invitations.

When it comes to modern wedding invitations, you may become familiar with the phrase ‘flip it’ which refers to turning over an invitation card so you can view the other side which isn’t always blank.

Double sided wedding invitations are now becoming a modern trend.  What’s printed on the other side depends on the design.  Here are four creative examples of how the second side of an invitation can be used.

The back side can match the design that appears on the front as shown on this charming rustic Inspiring Lace Invitation.  Along with the design, the couple’s names and/or their wedding date may also be printed.

Double Sided Wedding Invitations Inspiring Lace

Inspiring Lace Invitation

Sharing a photo is another clever use of the 2-sided wedding invitation layout.  On this chic design, Shiny Love, the photo is accented with a romantic saying along with their names and wedding date.

Photo Wedding Invitations Shiny Love

Shiny Love Invitation

Seal n send wedding invitations offer a unique version of a two sided design.  Since this style has the response card attached and folds up into its own mailing piece, the reverse side is printed with two return mailing addresses…one for the invitation itself and another for the return mailing of the response card.  This Love Never Ends Invitation also includes a design printed on the back to match the design on the inside.

Seal and Send Wedding Invitations Love Never Ends

Love Never Ends Invitation

One of the most unique ways to use the other side of an invitation is for the reception and/or accommodations information as on this modern Vogue Velvet Invitation.  This will eliminate the need for inserting separate cards showing those details.

Modern Wedding Invitations Vogue Velvet

Vogue Velvet Invitation

Now that you have become familiar with some of the creative designs of  modern, double-sided wedding invitations, feel free to browse all of our available modern wedding invitations.

Laser cut wedding invitations, with their intricate detail, are the perfect example of true elegance.  When combined with other design elements, laser-cut designs can complement a wide range of wedding themes.

Here are just a few samples of the many different ways to feature a laser cut design on wedding invitations.

Adding a laser cut wrap is an ideal way to add beauty and reveal your wording to guests as shown in this romantic design – Sumptuous Rose Invitation.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Sumptuous Rose

Sumptuous Rose Invitation

A floral design is another stylish way to use laser cutting on wedding invites.  On this particular design, Floral Swag, the laser cuts are blended in among the flowers and vines creating a gorgeous pattern that surrounds the printed verse.

Lasercut Wedding Invitations Floral Swag

Floral Swag Invitation

Ornate and decorative perfectly describe this Through the Shimmer Invitation with its laser-cut pocket design that matches the printed corner designs on the invitation card and its ensemble pieces.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Through the Shimmer

Through the Shimmer Invitation

On this Linen Love Invitation, the detailed laser cut frame design brings the entire border to life uniquely showcasing the wording in the center of it all.

Lasercut Wedding Invitations Linen Love

Linen Love Invitation

Between the select invitation samples highlighted here and the video below that explains this unique process, you are now more familiar with this creative design choice.   Feel free to browse all of our many available laser cut wedding invitations.

Pocket wedding invitations may be worth exploring if you like to follow trends and want to reflect that in your wedding plans.

Use this link to read more about pocket wedding invitations.

Autumn's Garden Pocket Wedding Invitation

Find out why seal and send invitations are simple, affordable, easy and ideally suited to the environmentally friendly too.

Use this link to read all the details on the beauty of seal and send wedding invitations.

Sky is the Limit Seal and Send Invitation

There are several factors that set letterpress wedding invitations apart from other styles, all originating with the process of how they are made.

This age-old printing process starts with the creation of a special metal die that is used to make letterpress imprints when the die strikes the paper with enough force to create a depression on the paper instead of raised printing which is created by thermography.

You will also notice that the pricing of letterpress wedding invitations tends to be higher because of the specially created die and the fact they are hand fed through the printer instead of automatically fed into the machine.  Also to be noted is that a thicker paper has to be used to handle the letterpress method.

Modern Border Pocket InvitationIf you love to keep things neat and orderly, you’ll love wedding pocket invitations. They have become quite popular, especially the style shown here.

Besides looking impressive, this particular style is set up to keep your invitation card and all your ensemble pieces neatly organized for guests.  The key to its design is the wrap that actually contains the pocket for all the enclosure cards which vary in height so the headings will always be visible and you will know in what order to insert them.  Once the invitation card is fastened inside and all the other pieces are in place, the wrap folds up to enclose everything inside.

Shimmer Vines Pocket Invitation


This pocket wedding invitation is very elegantly designed to partially encase the invitation card and is beautifully embellished with a white ribbon.


Chances are you may see other wedding pocket invitations as you are shopping since there are many more unique styles available.

Pearlizing is the process that applies a luminous pearl-like finish to part of an invitation, usually to an embossed design.

Pearlized wedding invitations come in many beautiful designs and cover many different themes.  The pearl embellishment can be a border or a design graphic.  Color can even be added to elegantly accent the pearl on the invitation.

See our large collection of pearl wedding invitations.