In planning your wedding, have you given any thought to rehearsal dinner invitations?

They can come in handy when you are looking to share all the details of your rehearsal gathering with those you are inviting to attend – the wedding party and their significant others, your parents and possibly some close family and friends.  This is undoubtedly a much smaller event than your actual wedding but making sure all those involved know exactly when and where it’s going to happen is still important.

Sending a wedding rehearsal invitation will hopefully eliminate anyone being overlooked or any miscommunication of the details.  Having a special invite will also serve as a reminder to guests of the schedule of events for this night before your wedding.

Even though the rehearsal of the ceremony is most important, the dinner that follows is a great time for everyone to get to know one another as well as relax and have a little fun before your wedding celebration.

Depending on how formal or casual your pre-wedding event will be, there are all different styles of rehearsal invitations from which you can choose.  Keep in mind that the design doesn’t have to match your wedding invitations but instead may reflect the type of rehearsal party you are planning.

If you happen to be having a barbeque party, this Night Before BBQ invitation would be perfect.  Its two-sided design has all the rehearsal details printed on the other side.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Night Before BBQ

Night Before BBQ Invitation

This Practice and Party design is eye-catching with its modern look, and it has room for both the rehearsal and dinner information to both be listed.  You’ll notice printed at the bottom of the card are the names of those hosting the rehearsal dinner and how to rsvp to them.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Practice and Party

Practice and Party Invitation

This enchanted Big Night Before two-sided design again has room for listing the specifics of both rehearsal events.  You also customize the look with your selection of ink colors and the style of outside border trim.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Big Night Before

Big Night Before Invitation

If you’re looking to keep your design simple, this Spirited Summons invitation will work nicely in your choice of ink color.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Spirited Summons

Spirited Summons Invitation

These are just a few of our many unique rehearsal dinner invitations that you can choose to personalize for your pre-wedding celebration so make sure to take a look at all of them.

Be sure to also check out our Pinterest board showcasing more creative ideas for your wedding rehearsal dinner –

What could be more personal than photo wedding invitations?  In today’s world, everyone loves sharing selfies but why not share your photos as a couple even if they aren’t selfies.  Photographs also make your invitation a lasting keepsake for family and friends long after the wedding is over.

When invitation shopping, you’ll find many different styles and designs that feature one or even multiple photographs.  Some designs may even fit your wedding theme.  In this post, we are featuring just a few examples…

This Amor Invitation with its unusual folding pattern has space for four photos in two different sizes.  So if you can’t seem to choose just one or two favorites, this is the design for you.

Amor Photo Invitation

Amor Invitation

In this unique photo booklet invitation, All in the Details, your photos appear on the cover and adjacent to your invitation as you open the booklet.  Also included are pages to list accommodations, your reception details, and places to visit in the area for any out-of-town guests.

Photo Wedding Invitations All in the Details Photo Booklet

All in the Details Photo Booklet Invitation

As an all ‘n one design, this Cherished Moments Invitation has room for two photos and has a response postcard attached for guests to remove and mail back.

Cherished Memories All in One Invitation

Cherished Memories All in One Invitation

Fun banners in your choice of color are used on this Brilliant Banner Seal ‘n Send to highlight your favorite photo and wedding details.  Seal n send wedding invitations are designed to conveniently fold up into their own self-mailing piece with a response postcard attached for easy removal and return by your guests.  Both the mailing envelope and response card return envelope are eliminated.

Brilliant Banner Photo Seal n Send Invitation

Brilliant Banner Photo Seal n Send Invitation

These two invitations happen to be z-fold designs.  The Having and Holding Photo Invitation has space for two photos and the Lacy Burlap Photo Invitation has only one photo in the center panel.

Photo Wedding Invitations

Having and Holding Invite                  Lacy Burlap Invite

How about featuring your favorite photo on one side of your invitation with the other side having a design as with this Top Shot Photo Invitation or having the other side printed with your wording as on this So You Photo Wedding Invitation.

Top Shot Photo Invitation

Top Shot Photo Invitation

So You Photo Wedding Invitation

So You Photo Invitation

As you can see, there are many great ways to include photos on your invitations if that’s your preference.  Feel free to check out our entire selection of photo wedding invitations.

Remember, photos aren’t just for invitations…they are also fitting for save the dates, and pictures from your wedding are perfect for your thank you cards.

Wedding programs are not only helpful to guests but also add that special touch to your ceremony.  It’s probably safe to assume that your guests won’t know all the people involved in your wedding so programs are a great way to introduce your parents, the wedding party, ushers, etc., as well as those who are participating in the ceremony (officiator, musicians, organist, soloist, readers, etc.).  At the same time, guests will use your printed program to follow along with the order of service.

Here are a few other details that you may consider having printed on your programs, depending on your preferences and the available space…

  • The names of any family members or friends in whose honor you have placed a floral arrangement or special candle in loving memory on your special day.
  • A reminder to guests regarding cell phones and cameras.  Include a line such as…Welcome to our “unplugged” wedding.  We kindly ask you to put your phones and cameras away until the completion of the ceremony.
  • An invitation to guests along with the location if you are having a reception immediately following the ceremony.
  • A message of thanks to all of your guests for being with you on your wedding day.
  • Special sentiments to your wedding party, parents, etc.
  • A few favorite things or fun facts about you and your fiancé.
  • An announcement of your new home address as newlyweds.

When it comes to the design of wedding ceremony programs, the more traditional styles tend to be folded in half or into thirds as a trifold design.

Wedding Ceremony Programs

Loves Devotion                       Typography Blend Slimline

More modern styles can include whimsical designs, bold colors, 2-sided printing, unique shapes, etc.   This Graphic Delight design shown below has a blended mixture of different typestyles and contemporary graphics.  It’s also folded into thirds horizontally for a compact program size.

Wedding Programs Graphic Delight Slimline

Graphic Delight Slimline

You may even find that there is a program design to match or complement your wedding invitation design as shown here.

Jungle Love Wedding Invitation Program

Jungle Love Invitation & Matching Program

Another popular trend is attaching your program card to a plastic or wooden handle creating a wedding program fan.  This makes it easier for guests to hold the card and to conveniently use it as a personal fan for keeping cool during warm weather.  These program fans also come in unique and fun shapes as shown below.

Wedding Program Fans

Wedding Program Fans

It’s important to be accurate with all the details of your wedding program but you can also be creative with the design you choose to the delight of your guests.  Be sure to browse our entire selection of wedding programs including traditional, modern and whimsical styles.

Nautical wedding invitations are perfect for introducing your romantic nautical theme to your guests.  Whether it’s using different color shades inspired by the crystal blue waters or including design elements such as sailing rope, anchors, compasses, etc., you’ll find there are many different ways to display your nautical wedding theme on your invitations.  Here are just a few examples…

The color navy blue along with several nautical symbols are used on this Destination Love Invitation.  A compass is featured on the invitation card while the matching insert cards feature an anchor, a sailing ship and a lighthouse to complete the theme.

Nautical Wedding Invitations Destination Love

Destination Love Invitation

On this customer favorite nautical invitation, Nautical Romance, your initials are highlighted within the anchor and rope design.  Different shades of blue are showcased in the design and wording as well as within the classic stripes at the bottom.

Nautical Romance Wedding Invitation

Nautical Romance Invitation

To go along with a nautical themed wedding, this uniquely shaped Ahoy Mates! Invitation for a couple’s wedding shower is simply adorable right down to the tiny heart at the top of the anchor.

Nautical Wedding Invitations Ahoy Mates

Ahoy Mates! Invitation

It’s all in the details with this Nautical Design Seal ‘n Send from the rope and anchor to the life preserver with its inside shaped as a heart, and let’s not forget the look of white boards as the background.  This is also an all-in-one style that is designed to conveniently fold up into its own self-mailing piece.  A response postcard is attached to the invitation along a perforation for easy removal and return by your guests without a separate return mailing envelope.

Nautical Design Seal n Send Wedding Invitation

Nautical Design Seal n Send Invitation

Don’t forget the accessories!  From guests books and wedding programs to cake tops and personalized drink coasters, you can check out these and many more custom nautical wedding accessories.

Nautical Wedding Accessories

Nautical Wedding Accessories

If you are planning to tie the knot in nautical style, I hope you have found some inspiring ideas to make your romance set sail.  Feel free to browse all of our available nautical wedding invitations.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board showcasing many more unique nautical wedding ideas –

When it comes to modern wedding invitation designs, you will find more options for customizing them with your choice of colors.  It used to be that most designs had their color(s) already determined and you were only allowed to choose the color of ink for the invitation wording.  There are still designs like that today, but there are also more and more designs that give you color options for both design elements and the verse printing.  Custom colors are a great way to add your own personal touch to your invitation design.

Here are just a few unique examples of how your choice of color can truly transform the look of the same wedding invitation design.

By simply changing the color of the roses on this Lovely Roses Invitation, you can make it custom to your wedding flowers.  Choosing the same ink color for your names and/or invitation wording is also a way to customize the design.

Wedding Invitation Design Lovely Roses

Lovely Roses Wedding Invitation

This modern floral design, Paradise Garden Invitation, let’s you choose the color of the background which again totally changes the look of the invitation to match your wedding colors while the floral border colors remain the same.

Modern Wedding Invitations Paradise Garden

Paradise Garden Invitation

You design the complete appearance of this Whimsical Wreath Invitation by the background color you select along with the lettering ink color to most likely match your wedding colors.

Whimsical Wreath Wedding Invitation Design

Whimsical Wreath Invitation

Now that you have been introduced to these examples of designs that let you be unique and creative with your color choices, feel free to browse all of our modern wedding invitation designs.

Response cards play an important role in the final stages of wedding planning so you want to be sure to include them when sending out your wedding invitations.  That being said, why not also have a little fun with them which is what this post is all about.

Enchanted Memories Valstyle Wedding Invitations

Enchanted Memories Invitation w/response card

For a refresher on all the specifics and etiquette, check out my previous blog post on wedding response cards.

Wedding RSVP Cards Vintage Pearls and Lace

Vintage Pearls and Lace Response Card

In addition to the basic information that is requested on an RSVP card, there are a couple of other questions you may want to ask.  One of them could be their choice of entrée if you are offering options to your guests.   You can choose to have the names of the entrée choices printed on the cards or you could creatively have the food choices represented by the appropriate symbol.  Pictured here are both options…

Response Cards Glowing Fantasy

Glowing Fantasy Response Card

Wedding Response Card Nature of Love

Nature of Love Respond Card

You may have noticed on the one design that it also indicated that the reply could be made via email address.  Proper etiquette is that you provide the postage stamps on the response card envelopes for the convenience of guests.  So including an email address could result in some of the prepaid postage not being used…just something to keep in mind.

One other question you may want to ask on your respond cards pertains to favorite songs your guests would like to be played during the wedding reception.  Below is an example that includes wording for requested songs or it could be worded as ‘please tell us your favorite song to get you on the dance floor‘.  This information can come in handy when preparing your music play list.

Response Card Vintage Now

Vintage Now Response Card

Asking for these extra tidbits of information from your guests on their response cards is a great way to get them engaged and excited for your upcoming wedding.

Most of the time you will find your chosen wedding invitation design has a matching response card so then it’s just a matter of selecting the wording you would like printed on them.  Hopefully you have found some inspiration by the ideas mentioned in this post.

Having unique wedding invitations doesn’t have to just refer to the invites themselves.  Why not start with the outside which is what your family and friends will see first when they arrive in their mailboxes.

Here are a few creative ways you can make the outside of your mailing piece as unique as your wedding invitations…

  • Size – There are so many different designs from which to choose that can also include different sizes such as tea length and square.  Whatever the invitation’s dimensions, the mailing envelope will be sized accordingly to reflect the unique size and shape.
Unique Wedding Invitations Vintage Pearls and Lace

Vintage Pearls and Lace Invitation

  • Self-Mailing Style – Choosing this style actually eliminates a separate mailing envelope altogether.  Commonly known as seal n send wedding invitations, this all-in-one style is conveniently designed to fold up into its own self-mailing piece.  A response postcard is attached to the invitation along a perforation for easy removal and return by your guests again without a separate envelope.  Since it’s folded and sealed, the ready-to-mail piece will actually show the back side of the invitation printed with the design you chose making it a truly unique piece of mail.
Seal n Send Wedding Invitations Lacy Rustic

Lacy Rustic Seal n Send Invitation

  • Color – With certain designs, you may be presented with the option of choosing colored inner and/or outer envelopes in place of the standard white for an additional charge.  You can make your color selection from the choices listed to match your invitation design.  A more recent trend has some designs including the outer envelope made from kraft paper.  Color is sure to bring attention to your invitation mailing.
Unique Wedding Invitations Flowery Boho

Flowery Boho Invitation

  • Decorative Seals – To add a special touch to the outside of your invitation mailing piece, a decorative seal can be placed on the back of the envelope giving the appearance that it is sealing the flap down.  For seal and send invitations, the seals are included since they really do seal the invitation for mailing.  When purchasing your own decorative seals, you’ll find many design choices from monograms to first names to specific themes.
Decorative Seals Love Seal

Love Seal

  • Custom Wedding Postage Stamps – Creating your own personalized wedding stamps is another creative option for mailing your wedding invitations.  You can choose to upload your favorite photo or select a ready-to-use wedding design just adding your names and wedding date.  Another great way to reflect your own personal style.

Today’s couples are eager to add their own personal touches to all aspects of their wedding.  So why not make the mailing of your unique wedding invitations a little more special using any of the above ideas to start building your guests’ excitement even before they open them.

Are you looking for affordable wedding invitations but without sacrificing style and quality?  Sep ‘n send wedding invitations could be the perfect solution.

Not to be confused with seal ‘n send invitations that fold up and seal into their own mailing piece eliminating mailing envelopes, sep ‘n send (or separate and send) wedding invitations are exactly what their name implies.  The invitation, response card and reception card are all printed on the same sheet of paper.  They are then easily separated by their perforated lines before assembling and mailing in the included envelopes.  Printed response card envelopes are also included at no extra charge.

Because all the cards are printed together on one page with the same ink colors for a perfectly coordinated look, the cost savings are passed on to you resulting in stylish and affordable wedding invitations.  You’ll probably notice how impressive some of the designs appear even before the pieces are separated.

There are a wide variety of sep and send invitations from which to choose depending on the look and theme of your wedding.  Many let you customize the paper and ink colors. Here are just a few of the unique design choices available…

Sep n Send Wedding Invitations Antique Lace

Antique Lace Sep ‘n Send

Grand Statement Sep n Send Invitation

Grand Statement Sep ‘n Send

Affordable Wedding Invitations Vintage Nuptial Sep n Send Invitation

Vintage Nuptial Sep n Send

Now that you are more familiar with this invitation style, you are invited to browse all of our available sep ‘n send wedding invitations.

Presenting guests with personalized wedding coasters is becoming trendy for reception favors.  They’re fun to look at and are quite practical.  Guests can use them during your wedding reception for their drinks and then take them as souvenirs to be used at home as well.  When it comes to personalizing them, you may be able to add your names and wedding date, depending on the design.

There are many different choices for custom coasters, but here are just a few examples.

You may find a drink coaster design that matches your wedding theme.  Pictured here are personalized coasters with a design perfect for a nautical themed wedding.

Wedding Coasters Nautical Personalized

Nautical Coasters Personalized

Depending on your chosen wedding invitation design, you may find matching personalized coasters or maybe drink coasters that have a fun design with a catchy phrase as shown here.

Personalized Wedding Coasters

Golden Elegance Coasters —- Rustic Charm Coasters —- Drunk In Love Coasters

How about featuring your very own signature drink with its ingredients on your wedding coaster favors.  If guests really like the drink, they can use the coaster to recreate it at home.

Custom Drink Coasters Signature Style

Signature Style Coasters

Photo coasters sharing an engagement picture or any one of your favorite photos as a couple would make great keepsakes for guests to take home from your wedding.

Photo Coasters Full Photo

Full Photo Coasters

Even though these drink coasters aren’t personalized, they can certainly come in handy for guests to cover their drinks so no one moves their glass while they may be out on the dance floor enjoying themselves.

Printed Coasters Dont Take My Drink

Don’t Take My Drink Coasters

These are just a few of the many unique designs and creative ideas available so be sure to check out our complete selection of wedding coasters.

Chances are you will have to assemble wedding invitations as most printed invites arrive flat and need to be folded or assembled before you begin organizing any extra inserts. If tissue paper happens to be included with your order, place one sheet of it so it lays directly on the invitation covering the wording which may be on the front or inside depending on the style.  All other enclosures will be either tucked inside if it’s a folded invitation or placed on top if it’s a single card with all inserts facing the same direction so the wording goes towards the bottom of the envelope.

Wrapped Up in Vintage Wedding Invitations

Wrapped Up in Vintage Invitation

Of course, pocket wedding invitations are assembled differently if there is a separate pocket to hold any enclosure cards.

Here is the suggested order to follow to assemble wedding invitations but keep in mind your invites may not include all of these pieces:

  1. Reception card is placed directly on top of the invitation wording with its printing facing you.
  2. Response card is tucked underneath the flap of the response envelope with the print facing you so it becomes one enclosure. Place on top of Reception Card (or invitation wording if reception card is not included). The top of the envelope should be in the fold of the invitation (if applicable). Don’t forget to put a stamp on the response envelope or response postcard.
  3. Map or Directions Card should be placed on top of the Response Card with any church directions being on top of any reception directions.
  4. If an Accommodations Card is being included, that should be placed on top of the Map Card with the printing facing you.

You may want to handwrite all the addresses on the inner & outer envelopes (keeping matched sets together) prior to stuffing. Remember…the handwriting on both envelopes should be the same.

If your invitations came with an inner envelope, place all items with the print facing the back of the envelope so it’s immediately visible when opened by the guest and with all folded edges inserted first. This envelope will remain unsealed…with even the flap left untucked. If you ordered a color lining, this will be the envelope that has it. If you don’t have inner envelopes, simply follow these steps for inserting pieces into mailing envelopes.

Finally, place the inner envelope inside the outer envelope with the handwritten guest names facing the back of the envelope and seal. Remember to have a return address on the outside of your mailing envelope, preferably on the back envelope flap.

For a nominal charge you can have a return address printed on the outside flap of the outer envelope. This will save you extra handwriting and ensure return delivery by the Post Office if the envelope is undeliverable to the intended guest.

If you ordered seals to complement your wedding invitations, place each one over the tip of the envelope flap so it looks like it’s sealing the envelope.

Be sure to view or print our handy guideline when you are ready to assemble your wedding invitations.

How to Assemble Wedding Invitations

How to Assemble Wedding Invitations