In planning your wedding, have you given any thought to rehearsal dinner invitations?

They can come in handy when you are looking to share all the details of your rehearsal gathering with those you are inviting to attend – the wedding party and their significant others, your parents and possibly some close family and friends.  This is undoubtedly a much smaller event than your actual wedding but making sure all those involved know exactly when and where it’s going to happen is still important.

Sending a wedding rehearsal invitation will hopefully eliminate anyone being overlooked or any miscommunication of the details.  Having a special invite will also serve as a reminder to guests of the schedule of events for this night before your wedding.

Even though the rehearsal of the ceremony is most important, the dinner that follows is a great time for everyone to get to know one another as well as relax and have a little fun before your wedding celebration.

Depending on how formal or casual your pre-wedding event will be, there are all different styles of rehearsal invitations from which you can choose.  Keep in mind that the design doesn’t have to match your wedding invitations but instead may reflect the type of rehearsal party you are planning.

If you happen to be having a barbeque party, this Night Before BBQ invitation would be perfect.  Its two-sided design has all the rehearsal details printed on the other side.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Night Before BBQ

Night Before BBQ Invitation

This Practice and Party design is eye-catching with its modern look, and it has room for both the rehearsal and dinner information to both be listed.  You’ll notice printed at the bottom of the card are the names of those hosting the rehearsal dinner and how to rsvp to them.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Practice and Party

Practice and Party Invitation

This enchanted Big Night Before two-sided design again has room for listing the specifics of both rehearsal events.  You also customize the look with your selection of ink colors and the style of outside border trim.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Big Night Before

Big Night Before Invitation

If you’re looking to keep your design simple, this Spirited Summons invitation will work nicely in your choice of ink color.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Spirited Summons

Spirited Summons Invitation

These are just a few of our many unique rehearsal dinner invitations that you can choose to personalize for your pre-wedding celebration so make sure to take a look at all of them.

Be sure to also check out our Pinterest board showcasing more creative ideas for your wedding rehearsal dinner –

A lot of thought will undoubtedly go into choosing and preparing your wedding invitations but what about inviting certain guests to your rehearsal dinner the night before your wedding.

Sending out a formal rehearsal dinner invitation serves two purposes…

1.  Ensures you don’t forget to invite anyone since word-of-mouth inviting takes the chance of overlooking someone.

2.  Provides guests with all the details of where and when the dinner will take place.  Again, verbal invitations can mean some of the details not being communicated or remembered.

Depending on how formal or casual your pre-wedding event will be, there are all different styles of rehearsal invitations to choose from.

Shown below is just one of our many styles available in different colors to match the rest of your wedding.  Click here to browse them now.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board showcasing unique ideas for a wedding rehearsal dinner –

Rehearsal Dinner InvitationBesides the basics of rehearsal invitations, there’s also the wedding rehearsal wording.

The wording of your invitations will depend on who is hosting the dinner so here are some samples for different scenarios…

request the pleasure of your
company at
their rehearsal dinner

You are cordially invited to attend
a Rehearsal Dinner honoring

request your company
at a Rehearsal Dinner
on the eve of the marriage of