Having unique wedding invitations doesn’t have to just refer to the invites themselves.  Why not start with the outside which is what your family and friends will see first when they arrive in their mailboxes.

Here are a few creative ways you can make the outside of your mailing piece as unique as your wedding invitations…

  • Size – There are so many different designs from which to choose that can also include different sizes such as tea length and square.  Whatever the invitation’s dimensions, the mailing envelope will be sized accordingly to reflect the unique size and shape.
Unique Wedding Invitations Vintage Pearls and Lace

Vintage Pearls and Lace Invitation

  • Self-Mailing Style – Choosing this style actually eliminates a separate mailing envelope altogether.  Commonly known as seal n send wedding invitations, this all-in-one style is conveniently designed to fold up into its own self-mailing piece.  A response postcard is attached to the invitation along a perforation for easy removal and return by your guests again without a separate envelope.  Since it’s folded and sealed, the ready-to-mail piece will actually show the back side of the invitation printed with the design you chose making it a truly unique piece of mail.
Seal n Send Wedding Invitations Lacy Rustic

Lacy Rustic Seal n Send Invitation

  • Color – With certain designs, you may be presented with the option of choosing colored inner and/or outer envelopes in place of the standard white for an additional charge.  You can make your color selection from the choices listed to match your invitation design.  A more recent trend has some designs including the outer envelope made from kraft paper.  Color is sure to bring attention to your invitation mailing.
Unique Wedding Invitations Flowery Boho

Flowery Boho Invitation

  • Decorative Seals – To add a special touch to the outside of your invitation mailing piece, a decorative seal can be placed on the back of the envelope giving the appearance that it is sealing the flap down.  For seal and send invitations, the seals are included since they really do seal the invitation for mailing.  When purchasing your own decorative seals, you’ll find many design choices from monograms to first names to specific themes.
Decorative Seals Love Seal

Love Seal

  • Custom Wedding Postage Stamps – Creating your own personalized wedding stamps is another creative option for mailing your wedding invitations.  You can choose to upload your favorite photo or select a ready-to-use wedding design just adding your names and wedding date.  Another great way to reflect your own personal style.

Today’s couples are eager to add their own personal touches to all aspects of their wedding.  So why not make the mailing of your unique wedding invitations a little more special using any of the above ideas to start building your guests’ excitement even before they open them.

Have you considered how to make your wedding invitations unique to match your style,  personalities and wedding theme without going over budget?

Here’s the full unique wedding invitations article with some great ideas.

When planning a wedding it is easy to get lost in the many tasks that you need to get done before the big day. An easy solution to keep from getting buried is to take it one step at a time and know exactly what each task encompasses. This way you will be able to mark each to-do off your list knowing it is 100% complete.

One of the biggest projects for a bride is getting invitations printed and sent out on time. The following is a list of the most important tips for having wedding invites printed and mailed out in a timely manner while keeping your sanity intact!


  • Create a list of all persons that you plan to invite before you actually order your invitations.
  • Be sure to order about 25 additional invitations on top of the number you need for your guests. This will save you time and money if you happen to make mistakes with addressing, need to send last minute invites, or you need to resend an invitation.


  • To avoid mistakes while addressing your mailing envelopes, type or print the list of guest names with the appropriate titles. For example: Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Dr.
  • If you are inviting a widow, address her as Mrs. Vincent Smith.
  • When mailing invitations to children over the age of 18 and who still live at home, they should receive their own invitation or they are listed separately on their parent’s invite. An example:

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Smith
Ms. Emma Smith

  • When you are inviting children under the age of 18, you should list their individual names below their parent’s names or you may also use “and Family.”

Mr. and Mrs. Jones and Family


Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Emma, Dean and Gabriel

  • If you happen to be inviting two people who are unmarried, but living together or are married with different last names, be sure to use both of their full names.

Dr. Vincent Smith
Ms. Danielle Smith

  • For single guests that are allowed to bring their own guest you will add “Mr. Vincent Smith and Guest” on the inside envelope.


  • Before you go ahead and purchase postage for your invitations you should take a fully assembled envelope to the post office. Your envelopes should include the invitation, inner envelope, response card and envelope, reception card and any additional items you choose to send. The correct postage will then be determined by weight and size. If you are sending unique wedding invitations to different people, then you should take an example of each one so that you will get a correct estimate and avoid any postage mistakes.

Sending wedding invitations doesn’t have to be a hassle, as long as you know what you need and how the process works. Keep these simple tips in mind and it will be smooth sailing until your special day!

Unique Wedding Invitations Captivating Flowers

Captivating Flowers Invitation