To Invite or Not to Invite

The question of whether or not to invite children to a wedding is a very polarizing topic for many guests. Will you allow your guests to bring their children?  If so, any and all ages?  Or will your event be couples only?  To prevent any hurt feelings, you need to tread very lightly on this topic, setting the groundwork in your wedding invitations, as well as any save the date cards.

If Inviting Children, Make this Clear on Wedding Invitations

The envelope of the wedding invitation should include ‘and family’, as opposed to just Mr. and Mrs.  This implies that the children are also invited. If your invitations come with two envelopes, refer to the blog post specific to addressing inside or inner envelopes.  To prevent plenty of questions from your guests, it can be helpful to clearly state on the invitation that children are welcome.  You can also include a section on the RSVP card for children.

How to Convey the Adults Only Request

For weddings where children will not be in attendance, your guests will need to know as far in advance as possible.  They will need to secure childcare, and because many parents rely on family members, this may be more of a challenge than usual.  Unless stated on the invitation, parents will often just assume that their children are included with the invite. 

You need to clearly state that the event will be for adults only.  Referring to the “adult” event or “adults only” should be sufficient.  However, if you want to be certain that everyone is clear, you can also include a line at the bottom of the invitation that states “We respectfully request no children” or “We are unable to accommodate children at our wedding”. 

It is not unusual for a wedding to not include children.  The key is to give your guests enough time that this restriction does not impede their own ability to attend the event.

Either way, once you have made the decision you must stick to it.  Otherwise you risk allowing some guests to bring their children, while others have been told not to.  This can lead to hurt feelings that can put a cloud over the entire wedding.  Being clear up front in the wedding invitations can prevent a lot of these bad feelings, and ensure that your big day runs seamlessly.

All of our available wedding invitation designs give you the option to customize the wording to fit your celebration.

Wedding Invitations | Darling Greenery All 'n One Invitation
Darling Greenery All ‘n One Invitation

Did you know there’s a lot of terminology when it comes to wedding invitations.  In past blog posts, we covered basic invitation termsmore modern day terms and terms related to different invitation printing processes.

With new wedding trends popping up all the time, many of them also carry over to invitations therefore introducing even more lingo to learn.  So here’s some additional terminology you may want to become familiar with for your invitation shopping…

All ‘n One invitation – convenient design combines all of your wedding celebration information on a single invitation piece that folds up for easy inserting into its mailing envelope.  Printed on this two-sided design are your ceremony, reception, accommodations and response details.  The response portion is an actual postcard that is removed by guests to simply mail back without the need for an extra envelope.  Many of these designs also include room for a favorite photo or two.

Picture Perfect Love All n One Invitation

Picture Perfect Love All n One Invitation

Backer Card – an additional blank card, in your color choice, that is slightly larger in size compared to your invitation card.  It requires some assembly to attach it underneath with provided glue dots so that the edges of the backer card create a contrasting color border around your invitation card.

Modern Decadence Invitation with Backer

Modern Decadence Invitation with Backer

Flat printing (also known as digital printing) – a printing process by which ink is deposited flat onto the paper surface by a digital printer.  Your color options are vast with this process as it may also provide flexibility in being able to change the color of the design as well as the wording for a truly custom look.  Printing of photos and full color designs are very popular uses of flat printing due to the accuracy and clarity the process provides.

Beach Bliss Valstyle Invitation

Beach Bliss ValStyle Invitation

Glitter printing (glitter ink printing) – a process of printing that adds extra shine and glam to your invitation design.  Real glitter is mixed with thermography powder and then heated to coat lettering and designs.

Glitz and Glam Invitation

Glitz and Glam Invitation

Laser cut – the process of cutting designs into paper with a laser beam.  Laser cut wedding invitations are beautifully unique with their intricate details that are often times used in corner, border or wrap designs and are occasionally even accented with color.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Sumptuous Rose

Sumptuous Rose Invitation

Watercolor – a refreshing, elegant trend featuring soft washes of color as part of the design.  Often times it may appear as though the color was brushed onto the paper.  Watercolor wedding invitations are a versatile design choice that can fit a variety of wedding themes.

Affordable Wedding Invitations Watercolor Beauty

Watercolor Beauty Invitation

Now that you have these helpful explanations, why not start putting them to good use while doing some wedding invitation shopping.