When it comes to modern wedding invitation designs, you will find more options for customizing them with your choice of colors.  It used to be that most designs had their color(s) already determined and you were only allowed to choose the color of ink for the invitation wording.  There are still designs like that today, but there are also more and more designs that give you color options for both design elements and the verse printing.  Custom colors are a great way to add your own personal touch to your invitation design.

Here are just a few unique examples of how your choice of color can truly transform the look of the same wedding invitation design.

By simply changing the color of the roses on this Lovely Roses Invitation, you can make it custom to your wedding flowers.  Choosing the same ink color for your names and/or invitation wording is also a way to customize the design.

Wedding Invitation Design Lovely Roses

Lovely Roses Wedding Invitation

This modern floral design, Paradise Garden Invitation, let’s you choose the color of the background which again totally changes the look of the invitation to match your wedding colors while the floral border colors remain the same.

Modern Wedding Invitations Paradise Garden

Paradise Garden Invitation

You design the complete appearance of this Whimsical Wreath Invitation by the background color you select along with the lettering ink color to most likely match your wedding colors.

Whimsical Wreath Wedding Invitation Design

Whimsical Wreath Invitation

Now that you have been introduced to these examples of designs that let you be unique and creative with your color choices, feel free to browse all of our modern wedding invitation designs.

In past wedding invitation designs blog posts, some questions were listed that you can ask yourself when making your design choice. Here is the sixth and final in the series based on these specific questions.

  • Do you and your fiance have a special interest, passion or hobby? Whether other parts of your wedding reflect your special interest or not, your wedding invites are the perfect way to showcase this for your guests.

I hope you have found this series of posts helpful related to choosing wedding invitation designs.

When it comes to wedding invitation designs, there are questions that you can ask yourself when making your design choice.  Here is the third in a series of posts based on these specific questions.

  • Do you want to go ‘green’ or be eco-friendly? If you are looking to be environmentally conscious, you can choose recycled wedding invitations meaning the design is printed on quality, recycled paper containing at least 30% post-consumer fibers.  That should be noted in the product description and another phrase to watch for is ‘Green Seal Certified’ as with the design pictured here.


  • Do you want to incorporate a religious theme? Religious wedding invitations can feature a design picturing a cross, an open Bible, a church or even pure white peace doves.  They could also just simply have a favorite Bible verse elegantly printed on the front.

Stay tuned for the next in this series of posts covering more questions related to choosing wedding invitation designs.