The obvious purpose of wedding menu cards is to creatively display all the tasty details of your wedding reception food.  What’s often overlooked is how stylish they can be when added to the place settings of your reception tables.  There may even be a menu card to match your invitation design.

Letterpress Wine and Dine Menu Card

Letterpress Wine and Dine Menu Card

Do you also know the additional ‘supporting roles’ your printed menu cards can serve depending on the design you choose?

How about expressing your thankfulness to family & friends that they could be with you on your special day.  On the design below, your sentiments are shared on the back side of your menu card.

Chalkboard Circle Menu Card

Chalkboard Circle Menu

How about recognizing all the members of your wedding party who are part of your celebration, as with this design, which is a nice touch for guests who may not know everyone.

Dinner Party Menu Program

Dinner Party Menu Program

How about sharing with guests your new address as a married couple as this design does on the back side of the card.

Distinctive Impressions Menu

Distinctive Impressions Menu

How about listing for guests the order of events for the evening as shown on this design.

Best Chevron Ever Bellatina Menu

Best Chevron Ever Bellatina Menu

How about a menu wrap design that fits around your napkins and can be used to hold a wedding favor or even silverware.

Birch Tree Love Menu Wrap

Birch Tree Love Menu Wrap

Maybe you would prefer your wedding menu be printed on a napkin to be placed at each place setting instead of a card.

Marvelous Menu Luncheon Napkins

Marvelous Menu Luncheon-Napkins (choice of colors)

Did you ever think there could be so much to consider when it comes to menu cards for your wedding?

Menu wedding cards can be quite decorative as part of your wedding reception place settings.  They may even be tastefully coordinated to match your wedding reception invitations.  Most important is their purpose – presenting guests a complete outline of your wedding menu including savory descriptions of the salad or appetizer selection, the main entree, side dishes and the delectable dessert.  Menu items can be listed under course headings on the cards or simply  listed all together in the order they will be served.

It’s your choice whether you would like to personalize the cards with your names and wedding date.

Hosting a cocktail reception may prompt you to use wedding menu cards to list the specialty drinks that are available.

Menu cards can also be used for other wedding events such as a rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Menu Card Ecru

In this earlier post we talked about wedding menu cards in general but here we are covering wedding menu wording.

The purpose of these cards is to convey the savory details of the food and/or drink selections to be served at your celebration.  Your reception venue should be able to provide you with the tantalizing details to share with guests.  The style of how you decide to list your menu items, from salad to dessert, is really a personal preference.

You may choose to label the menu into the various meal courses.

You may choose to be a little less formal and simply list your food selections in the order they will be served without special headings.

No matter how you list your selections within your wedding menu wording, your chosen design may also give you the option of listing your names and wedding date.

Adding wedding menu cards to each place setting at your reception will reveal to your guests all the food selections to be served.  In addition to being personalized with your names and wedding date, the menu items can be printed under course headings or simply listed by name with a tantalizing description.

To add an elegant finishing touch to your reception table settings, you may be able to choose a design that matches your wedding invitations or a creatively shaped card as shown that is printed with an ink to match your colors. 

Wedding menu cards can be used for displaying more than just food selections.  If you are having a cocktail reception, you may choose to list special drinks that will be available to guests on a menu card as shown here.  They can also be used for other wedding-related events such as the rehearsal dinner.