Chances are your ceremony will be followed by a reception so your wedding invitations will need to include those details as well.  Including separate reception cards is one option with many invitation designs having the choice of a matching card.  A typical reception card verse can read as follows:

Please join us
for Dinner and Reception
at TIME o’clock
Depending on how many inserts you may be including and the weight of the invitation itself, the weight of an additional card may require extra mailing postage.

There are also options for having your reception information printed directly on your invitations.  The extra lines can be aligned with the main verse if space allows.

Another option is to have your reception details printed on your invites as a corner copy. There is usually a small fee for a corner copy which can appear in the bottom left or right corner. Again, your chosen style needs to have room to accommodate a corner copy.

Wedding Reception Card

If you have decided to include a separate wedding reception card instead of listing the information directly on your invitations, you will have more room for your wording.  Details to be listed include when and where it will be held.

Here are some wedding reception card wording samples…

Reception, Dinner and Dance
immediately following ceremony

Cocktails served at TIME
Dinner served at TIME
Dancing TIME until TIME

To share in our happiness
kindly join us for
cocktails, dinner and dancing